Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Walk Your Talk

Can your friends and business colleagues say that you walk your talk?

I had this quote on my refrigerator for quite some time as a reminder to me to be consistent.

This message means: Be who you say you are at all times, in public and in private. Be a walking example of the philosophy you expound, not just sometimes but at all times. If you say you are an honest person, be scrupulously so. You know what I mean...don't cheat anyone when it comes to money, to work done, to pulling your weight, to taking responsibility, to gossiping.

Others are watching and listening. They notice when we don't live up to what we say we believe in. It's a matter of integrity. I heard a woman recently promote her acrylic nail and manicure business at a networking evening. I was sitting next to her and glanced at her fingernails. They were short, unattractive and completely different to what I expected. If you say you are good at doing other's fingernails you had better be the best living example around.

I have heard salesmen describe the golden rules of giving good customer service and then have seen them treat clients with disdain. I have noticed a man telling his boss what a dedicated employee he is but I know that he steals stationery from the company.

Walking your talk is a matter of having integrity. Of course we are tested on this. I often think we have the equivalent of a line in the sand to negotiate each day. On one side of the line is our list of what we stand for. On the other side is the ocean. Small and large waves can roll in and wash away our line and our good intentions very quickly.

Each situation, personally and in business, calls for us to be on the dry side of our line in the sand. Position the line so that this is possible. If you know that you are too close to the vagaries of life and the ocean, move your beliefs to firmer and dryer land. When the waves of temptation assail us, and they will, stand firm.

If it means saying "no" to money, power, influence or offered friendship which have their foundations in wet sand, know that a day of reckoning has arrived.

I can assure you it is much easier to walk your talk than not. Then and only then are you authentic. You don't need to live a lie. You don't need to remember the complexities of your lie. You don't need to make excuses. What you say and what you do will be easy. It will be automatic. It will give you a sense of pride and deep satisfaction.

Live up to what you say you believe in and be a living, breathing, walking example of the best of you, always.

If you don't take control of your life, don't complain when others do. - Beth Mende Conny

Joseph taking a stand against the Bobcat from taking the sand away at Cromer Golf Course - June 2009


Unknown said...

Wow, really good post. I try and live my truth or like you said, live with integrity but as with everything, no one is perfect. I find I struggle the most with getting caught up in the drama at work, then when I get home to my sanctuary I really regret it. I need to work on this the most, but I do have to say I generally am who I am, the majority of the time. I am outspoken and stand firm with my beliefs always. Thanks for the post. It is a nice reminder to always be true to yourself.

Anonymous said...

Having integrity is the most important attribute of any lightworker/therapist/healer. Opting for any of those occupations will mean that your integrity is tested on many occasions. Like you say, though, life is so much easier when you know you can walk your talk. Being authentic, however, can be a little harder. I know from personal experience that it can take courage to be truly authentic and 'speak your truth', when you know that what you say will be awkward or even hurtful to others. I guess the trick is finding the right way to say it.

miruspeg said...

Shannanigans - Everyone gets caught up in dramas at work, it just goes with the territory.
I feel the most important asset a person can have is confidence to speak your mind and stand up for what you believe. So keep on being true to yourself, we love you for it.

Stoneweaver - Integrity is definitely a holistic concept. I am still in the very early stages of learning how to speak my truth in a non aggressive, sympathetic compassionate way. I am finding it a wondrous journey helped along by my blogging friends.

Zz... said...

integrity and honesty are so hard to find...when I do I think my eyes must actually twinkle!

Roban said...

The analogy is a good one.... Somedays you can almost see a little wave come licking at your line in the sand! It's a good lesson to remember as I begin the new school year.

I really want to be the kind of person who never says anything negative about someone else. Idle gossip and chitchat can run rampant in a school setting, and I don't want to be a part of it. Every now and then I feel the urge to chime in.... Your message came at the perfect time. I can go into the school year planning to walk my talk. And even though this year may be one that puts me to the test (new teams in place), I'm reminded to stand firm behind my line in the sand. It's the only place to be unless you enjoy traipsing some of that annoying sand to bed at night.

Roban said...

... I'm enjoying your playlist (love how that first one mirrors your own message!).

Frequent Traveler said...

Wonderful post, Peggy, and so very very true. This is where someone becomes congruent, when your words and actions (and thoughts) are all in alignment :)

miruspeg said...

Macs - What a lovely visual thought - "when I do I think my eyes must actually twinkle"! I am sure your eyes twinkle often and laugh and are filled with a warm loving glow.

Roban - I feel sometimes we have to chime in (as you say) rather than sitting on the fence. There are too many bullies in the workplace and they need to be silenced. And yes keep the sand out of your bed...we all need a good nights sleep without being disturbed by gritty sand.
Glad you liked the song...had to search for ages and then I remembered my favourite singer Toni Childs had this perfect song for the post.

Annie - Yes congruent, excellent word to describe walking our talk.
The more we can visualise our words and actions the easier it is to stay authentic. Thank you muchly for your wise words.

Silver said...

People today are tired of promises and find that they are shortchanged or cheated by unscrupulous business people, politicians.. the world would be a much hopeful place if more people would walk the talk.


Meow said...

My Dearest Peggy,

It feels sooo good to be back to you & the blogging world & don't ask me how much I missed you!!

My return may not be very regular even now but you are always in my thoughts. Thanks for this lovely post!! I, for one, do try and walk my talk at most times & such people could often end up in trouble too..But it's alright, you always have to pay a price for everything...

You take very good care of yourself & keep writing beautifully, the way you do, always..

Blessed Be,

TheChicGeek said...

So true, Peggy. Our reputation is the most important thing we have. Integrity is key. I try very hard in my life to do as I say...walk the walk and talk the talk...Stay true to myself and others. I want the people I care about to know they can count on me...for that matter anyone I meet, whether personally or in business.

I love the banner...Is that your city? Looks like such a fun and beautiful place.

Have a Happy Day, Peggy!

Christine said...

Nice topic today, Peggy. I pride myself on my sense of integrity. Although I love the gossip. But I've always intuitively steered away from the harmful stuff. I think 'walking the talk' goes hand in hand with setting a good example for those that need it.

miruspeg said...

Silver - You are absolutely "spot on" especially about politicians!
That is why it is up to us as individuals to rise above all their bullshit and insist on integrity from them.

Meow - WONDERFUL to see your face...welcome back. I'll look forward to reading your posts again whenever you have the time.

miruspeg said...

Kelly - From reading your post I KNOW you have integrity, you are a shining example of how to stay true to yourself and others. I am NOT "sucking up" to you, it is what I feel in my heart.

And yes my banner picture is a photo of Sydney Harbour Bridge which is about 7 minutes drive from where I live. I NEVER tire of admiring that beautiful bridge and surrounding landscape.

Hybrid J said...

Thank you for such wonderful post!

Integrity has always been the guiding force of my actions. Sometimes it comes with a price - when I (for whatever reasons) overpromise and underdeliver - this causes great distress to me. Nonetheless, I believe it causes "destruction" if we ever give up our integrity.

Well said!

Silver said...

You feel up to playing tag? Come check it out at my blog 'k coz You've Been Tagged! oh c'mon, peg!


miruspeg said...

Christine - Oh I gossip as well but like you when the harmful stuff comes up the hairs on my back stand up and in I go batting for the underdog and as tactfully as I can point out the error of their way.
So we are definitely on the same page which I knew we were.

Hybrid - Interesting your thoughts on overpromise and underdeliver and the distress it causes you. I guess I am a lot more forgiving of myself these days or maybe I have learnt not to make too many promises that I am unable to fulfill. Thanks for your input and food for thought.

Silver said...

Seen your post on TAGGED.


Left a thought for you.

Linda Pendleton said...

You are so right about integrity, Peggy. And it is vital to those of us light workers. This is an excellent post and I especially love this quote:

"If you don't take control of your life, don't complain when others do. - Beth Mende Conny"

It is so true that we can easily give our power away.


Mike Smith said...

Wise words, as always Peggy.

miruspeg said...

Linda and Mike - Yes the words are very wise and integrity is very important....I do fail often though but each time I dust myself off, give myself a stern talking to and hold my head high as I continue my journey.

Unknown said...

hey Pegs, love the song that was playing...Ghost of a Rose, sounds familiar ;)

Isn't this band great? They have lots of other great songs. When I remember the names I will let you know

Chapter Forty said...

Your a very wise woman. I love your blog.

Anonymous said...

It takes much more courage to live life honestly than to live a lie. Not that I think I've been lying about who I am, but I think as I discover more truth, I force myself to reveal it rather than cover it up under the mundane. I risk my composure and confidence, but the faith I gain is well worth it. Bless you for this topic!

miruspeg said...

Chapter Forty - As I age I feel a little wisdom creeping into my soul.
Thank you very much for your kind words.

Naomi - Here's to your courage & shining your light. It takes tremendous courage to walk the path you are called to walk. And it takes strength, to make the choices you’ve made to walk that path.

Unknown said...


one of my faves

Wendy said...

Great post Peg! I missed hearing about your perspective for this month but this post is a wonderful reminder of why you are a master at looking at the human experience. Glad you are back to posting...still trying to find a way for myself. I have much to say but I am also spending alot of time connecting in life..especially with family lately.

Nina said...

Wow what a wonderful post. Very thought provoking. I do try to "walk my talk" but it isn't always easy. This being human thing.. :-) Really though I've noticed that at work, as soon as I walk through the hospital doors, my "game" is on. I feel Lighter, Smile and say Hello to everyone I see and generally try to have an upbeat attitude. I find that even someone having a very bad day, enjoys a smile and kind Hello. So thank you for reminding us to walk our talk, keep our integrity and basicly be the best we can be. Smiles going out to you today. Love and Light, Nina P

miruspeg said...

Coach - Thanks for dropping by. I know your life is very full at the moment and I would love to hear all about it. Hopefully you will find a way to write of few posts and share with us your wonderful journey.

Nina - Oh you do walk your talk. Your blog strongly reflects this.
Nothing beats smiles and kind words and it costs NOTHING to be that way.
Bless you for the love and light you send out everyday.

Lilly said...

Thank you Peggy. Lots to think about there. Integrity is the be all and end all really.

miruspeg said...

Lilly - "To thine own self be true."....if only it was that easy.

Everywhere around us people and situations are pulling at us to forget our priorities and fall back into old unwanted, unsatisfying and unproductive ways. That is why it is difficult to make the changes we would like. If we are to be, do and have what is important to us, we must be strong and courageous and therefore hold our own in any and all circumstances.

But there are so many obstacles like how do we avoid compromising situations. How can we be who we are and still please others?
How do we deal with forces pulling on us? What is the best way to be strong?

Glad to see you back in the blogosphere...you have been missed.

Mark said...

This is a truly great post! We all needed to be reminded to walk the talk. Consistency in our life is so important. We must be true to ourselves and that means in all situations of our daily life. It is each moment that we live authentically that makes an authentic life.

Keith said...

You have really served up fantastic advice here. In fact, that quote should be on everyone's fridge! Walk Your Talk" !

Man, if everyone did this what a different world we'd live in!

Jennifer Chronicles (jenx67.com) said...

I love this and i love the comments you leave on Naomi's blog. Her gift is so amazing. Sometimes, I don't know what to say, and then I read your comments and wonder why I didn't know what to say. You're a pure light, Peg.

miruspeg said...

Mark - Lovely to make the acquaintance of a fellow blogger on a spiritual journey and a journey of awareness. Thank you for your insightful words.

Keith - I love your enthusiasm!! It beams out strongly through the computer screen. Bless you mate.

Jen - I'm blushing. You write such sweet comments. Naomi's gift is pure joy and following her journey is like reading a book that you can't put down.

TheChicGeek said...

Hi Peggy :) Cool sculpture in your banner! Just stopped by to say hi :D
LOL...sending you happiness, giggles, love and hugs!

Have a Beautiful Day!