Friday, 17 July 2009


"How's things?" I had asked Mary one day...."I'm on the verge of another surrender". I laughed and said, "What does that mean?".

"It's giving up, not giving in," she replied. "It's surrendering to myself, not to a set of circumstances. I've found in the past that, when I reach this stage, when I've painted myself into a corner in relation to a situation, all that I can do it stop fighting, surrender, drop the paintbrush, walk through the wall and, wouldn't you know it, the wall is merely paper".

"There is nowhere else to go, and what happens is that the fighting, the resisting, has been holding me back. When I surrender, I let go, the load is lifted, the albatross falls from my neck and wonderful things happen."

Mary writes poetry, reads tarot cards and has a wonderful sense of humour in the face of difficulties.

When she told me about her latest surrender it set me thinking about simply letting go. "Let go and let God" is a powerful philosophy for many. It takes courage. I find myself using it more and more often when I don't know the answers or am perplexed by the questions.

Without fail, if I let go and let the higher force of spirit lead me, talking to the force as I would to my best friend - I don't know what to do. This is too difficult. Please take over and show me the answer or I'm leaving this up to you. Show me the way and let the right things happen. I release this problem and go free.

Then I am led to the very best solution.

This wonderful sculpture I feel represents 'surrender' perfectly. I took this photo in November 2007 at Sculpture by the Sea, Bondi, Sydney.


Cathy said...

Oh thank God for you Peggy
I just wrote a really terrible post I’m so frustrate, I decided I’m going to choose the dark side, just to get through to people. I hit submit on my blog post, was about to head off to bed……then I felt it I had to check in see if Peggy had a new posts before I went to bed. God bless you.

Oh and that paper really spoke to me. I had that in my heart just weeks ago. I never before seen my struggles from the other side, I seen myself brake through, then when I looked back, it was only paper.
Can you believe that? And now tonight while I’m sinking in a sea of frustration with lies all around me I forget and felt I had no other choice but to choose to turn into a ranting raving * (nasty person, for the sake of your blog)

Good is good.

thank you again

Roban said...

Your post seems to speak to people at just the right moment, Peggy. With one of my words of the year being "faith," being able to just let go and trust that God is here beside me has been one of my goals for the year. Knowing and believing that He is with me helps take fear and worry... anxious moments... away.

I haven't had a "surrender" moment yet. But I'm sure when it's necesssary I'll remember Mary's analogy of dropping my paint brush and walking through the wall, only to find that it's paper. Thanks for sharing Mary's words with us and adding your own perspective to surrendering.

Hugs to you,

Anonymous said...

I love this post -- I've written about surrender before, and I'm a big believer in giving up and finding the flow downstream. You're definitely a sign to me today! *lol* Cheers.

Caroline said...

I am in the midst of surrender and have been for the past 6 months. I am letting go and letting God. I was trying so hard to "become something" and it was beyond frustrating. So one day I just said...I give up. I am not giving up on life or myself. I am just not trying anymore.

So here I am coasting along and enjoying the current of life. I have no idea what lies around the bend. Some times I get a little uncomfortable with that...but mostly I feel free.

miruspeg said...

When I woke up this morning and turned on the computer (as you do!!) and read these comments, a song by Ben Lee popped into my head "We're all in this together".
(Music is a huge part of my life, as I am sure by now many of you realise).

Cathy - Your determination to have only the very best for Aden is an inspiration to me. I know you will find the right answers and then your frustration will dissipate.

Roban - You don't just talk the talk with your words for the year Faith and Joy, you walk the walk and I admire you and love you for it.

Naomi - Your blog has been a blessing for me and I am SO happy that I am able to walk along the path with you and have more enlightenment experiences.

Caroline - You are the ONE always leading the way for me. You inspire me with your insightful writing and photography. You are very precious.

Silver said...

How true, Peggy.

“The creative process is a process of surrender, not control.” Julia Camerons

We work best when we allow the outer forces to merge with what is hidden deep within us and we will be so amazed at what results that come out afterward.

Anonymous said...

That is a great photo Peggy. I have been in situations where there doesn't seem to be a solution. I have sent out a prayer to Spirit asking the angels to "Shine light on this problem and let things work out for everyone's highest good". And often I am so amazed at the results - usually blind-sided, cos the perfect solution suddenly appears out of nowhere. It seems though that we need to ask - we need to acknowledge there is a higher power - and that the Universe is ultimately benign. To be but a leaf travelling along the river to the sea - what an incredible journey all of us are on!

Unknown said...

I have had to let go many times and let the chips fall where they may
The funny thing is, when I do that everything tends to work out for the best. I guess that's why my favourite saying is "Everything happens for a reason"

miruspeg said...

Silver - It definitely all comes together when we let go of our fear, but we normally have to learn the lesson over and over again...or at least I do!

Stoneweaver - Thanks, I was very happy with the way that photo turned out.
What a beautiful analogy "To be but a leaf travelling along the river to the sea". That would make an interesting story AND you are a writer!!
Also interesting concept that the Universe is ultimately benign...more food for thought!

Shannanigans - I try and live by that saying as well. There is significance in every event of our lives, from the most joyful and empowering to the inexplicable or seemingly unjust. And seeing these experiences as gifts, lessons, or opportunities.

Hybrid J said...

Let go...Let go...Let go...I'm pondering on this lately as I'm in a werid flux, if you know what I mean! But anyway, thank you for sharing the expereince. You're such wise woman! ;)

TheChicGeek said...

You are so right, Peggy. Surrender, don't let fear stop you. I have been struggling with making some changes lately and the hardest part is fear of the unknown. I think when one releases fear and follows the path that your heart tells you is the right one it always works's just scary.
The picture is BEAUTIFUL! You are so lucky to live in such a beautiful place :D
Have a Happy Sunday!

miruspeg said...

Hybrid - Isn't it strange how letting go can be sooo hard sometimes and then on the other hand, things we should stick with we give up. Here is to all of us finding a happy balance.

Kelly - That is exactly right "Fear of the unknown"....we hesitate. We had no inhibitions when we are very young we just walked through that paper wall...and I think we took the paint brush with us!

Lilly said...

It's hard to let go but sometimes its all we can do. Throw your hands up to the universe and let what will be, just be.

Sounds like you have interesting friends. Has Mary read your tarot cards?

I tend to look for answers in too many places sometimes - today I found two clairvoyant visits which were taped - very interesting they were too.

Great posts Peggy. I cannot believe you have only done 100 only!! They would make a great book you know. Ever thought about it?

miruspeg said...

Lilly - Yes Mary read my tarot cards many moons ago. Actually you have just reminded me I have some tapes as well from clairvoyant visits....must dig them out!
As for the book, no I just enjoy blogging and passing on what I have learnt from philosophy and from reading other blogger's wisdom.