Saturday, 4 July 2009

Follow Your Dreams

"It's never too late to be what you might have been" - George Eliot

Here is a call to action. It has always been a reminder for me to keep on target and not lose sight of the big picture. I haven't always known where my target is or quite what the big picture encompasses. Often knowing what it isn't is enough. I clearly remember, many years ago, saying to my former husband with strong emotion, 'I don't want to do work in an office anymore being an accountant.'

'What do you want to do?' was his obvious reply.
'Something creative.'
'Like what?'
'I don't know.'
The shrug of his shoulders and bemused look, said it all.

The key to my future was that it needed to be something creative. I needed challenges - exciting challenges which would allow my creativity to bloom. I didn't realise the depth of my need at the time. When everything in my life completely changed five years later I embraced an entirely new career which has expanded and changed and creatively challenged me ever since. This blog is part of the rich tapestry of that challenge.

'It's never too late to be what you might have been' means for me, always being creative, and having variety with tasks. When familiarity and the world of the blasé strike, back I go into, 'How can I do this differently?'

The way I work my life is to have big goals and a big picture. How I will achieve my goals, I'm not quite certain - the secretaries of the sky can help me there. I do know, for me, the more I am in touch with the creative woman within, the happier I am.

Give it a go. Do some of those courses you have been putting off for years. Take up that hobby with enthusiasm. Look at your career and think clearly if it has all the elements in it to give you happiness. Some annoying elements you can live with. Being a square peg in a round hole, you must not tolerate!

What about the fear of giving away security? What about that? I know it is frightening. I have been there too. What I want for you is satisfaction and pleasure each day.

There is nothing more satisfying that knowing you are making a difference in the lives of others and knowing, as well, a feeling of confidence and self esteem.

There will be a way for you to have those feelings. Decide that's what you desire more than anything. Now, what are you prepared to do to make it happen?

Know that the very best for you will always come your way, if only you allow it to.

Follow your dreams.

This post was inspired by an email conversation I had with Lilly - visit her new blog Inspiration - she is very accurate in her description of it - 'Creativity, Design, Beauty, Art, Technique.'

In November 2006 I followed my dream and travelled to Rwanda to teach some orphans photography.


Silver said...

You are one extremely beautiful soul, Peggy.

You look so beautiful here.. because your smile and joy in the presence of these children are so apparent that it comes from within. A place where money can buy or touch.

love you much, peg.

Christine said...

what an inspiring post, Peggy, I must come back and read it again a few times.

HappyOrganist said...

I thought you were on vacation ;-P

TheChicGeek said...

So glad you are back, Peggy :D
This was a beautiful and inspiring post. I love how you say, "Know that the very best for you will always come your way, if only you allow it to." That is so true. Sometimes it is hard to know what you really want, what is the best. I suppose that's when we need to take time out...when we do that, respect ourselves, our dreams do come true. I will come back and read this was just what I needed to hear today!
Have a Wonderful Day!

Monica said...

I absolutely love this post. Did I tell you that the airline stewardess on my flight home looked and reminded me so much of you? I think it was her smile most of all!

Lilly said...

Oh wow, somehow I don't think you should be leaving blogging when you are such a profund soul. You ALWAYS know what I need to hear Peggy. And clearly for others too.

I loved this line too - "Know that the very best for you will always come your way, if only you allow it to."

Sometimes I think its best to close your eyes and run through it despite the damage.

And Peggy I just cannot imagine you as an Accountant - I would never have picked that for a moment. What interesting lives we all have when you think about it.

Now I hope you get out there in the sunshine today - another beautiful but fresh day here today!

So glad you decided to follow your inner voice - we may not have got to read this otherwise.

Oh and I will be listening to your playlist awhile longer!! Love the photo - beautiful smile.


Roban said...

Wow! Have you been reading my mind?

I enjoy reading two beautiful and inspiring magazines, "Artful Blogging" and "Where Women Create," which always makes me want to be more creative... to live and breathe creativity each and every day.

I have moments.... I feel creative when I blog, take photographs, and write whether it's for me or for a client. But I want more creativity in my life!

And I understand completely your idea about sharing your creativity with others. I think your work in Africa was an amazing way of reaching out to others while sharing something you love. When you can do that, you've hit the jackpot!

I couldn't have read your post at a better time! Thank you!


Zz... said...

the pic in rwanda is very cool- as often is we're on the same wavelength- i wrote my 2.5 year plan/timeline this week- it's great when you have goals and direction- without those so hard to focus!

Silver said...

OMG. there is a typo error.. did you see IT?

"..A place where money CAN'T buy or touch. "

just want to thank you for checking back in to see JT's msg. I just knew you would.. :) !!

Mike Smith said...

A wonderful read, Peggy. You have a gift with words.

Silver said...

Sweet dreams, cool cat ;)

Mommy2Twinkies-Deb said...

Peggy--love this post. I've been doing a lot of this kind of reflecting lately. It's been a journey. ("from stilettos to sneakers..." :-) Good for you. I'm on my way! --Deb

Silver said...

m' dear, i have an award waiting for you at my blog.. come pick it up, sweet!

Patricia Singleton said...

What an inspiration you are. I look forward to reading more of your blogs.

carrhop said...

Beautiful, beautiful post! You're so right--to just pick something on the list and give it a go!

Love the new header--what a gorgeous shot!!


Kat Mortensen said...

Hi Peg!

I am truly blessed to have a husband who supports me so much as to go out to work for the both of us while I stay home and write (and don't bring in any real money). I thank God every day for him! You have just given me a reminder (a shot in the arm).

Always inspirational to visit you!


Unknown said...

Wow, I stopped by to check out your blog and this is the first post I read...very humbling. I bet going to Rwanda was an amazing experience

Anonymous said...

Peggy - an accountant!??? It doesn't compute! Good job you listened to your inner voice. I have two thoughts to contribute to this post. I totally agree that being creative leads to happiness and contentment – I have so many things that I 'create'. For me though it was the emptiness of being involuntarily childless that led me to fill my life up. Now friends say to me - 'How do you find the time to do all that you do?'.... well I don't have kids. You'd be amazed at how much time and energy is available when you don't have them. My other thought is about holding on to your dreams. I remember maybe 10 years ago, having a conversation with a friend and we discussed what would be our dream job. For me I said I would like to write for a living. And you know what – that's exactly what I do now. But it didn't happen instantly - I focused on it and made it happen. Of course my new dream is to write (and publish) a fictional book. So we will just have to see..... We have to have dreams - how else will they come true? Thanks for another thought-provoking post!

Hybrid J said...

A very inspiring post and it reminded me of my decision to "come out" and declared that I'm a Writer. Following this dream of mine is scary, lots of hard work and at time I feel like I'm not up to it. But then I owe it to myself to follow my dream! Thank you for sharing such a wonderful post of yours. :)

Silver said...

lady.. waiting for a new post. been busy lately? ;) hugs

Caroline said...

Oh Peggy I can relate! When I can be creative...I am so very happy. And it's never too late to take up an creative endeavor! Heck, I just began my photographic journey less than a year ago! It's funny, I have always always loved photography and never thought I could achieve some of the things I do now. But it has come totally naturally. I am 100% self taught. We all have a creative spirit inside of's a matter of trial and error and TRYING new things! Explore and listen to your soul.

Wendy said...

Well said my friend and glad you are back to posting. As you know earlier in the year I did try some new creative tasks. Some worked out and some did not. I have been okay with that. I too still yearn for some format for creativity. I find myself getting stuck sometimes in my routine...thanks for the reminder!