Saturday, 31 January 2009

Reflecting on our WORDS

Instead of making a New Years Resolution, four of my blogging friends - Annemarie, Coach, Octamom, Roban and myself decided we would each choose one WORD for the year that would empower us throughout 2009.

We wanted to have lots of fun with our WORDs and agreed at the end of each month we will simultaneously post a synopsis about our WORDs on our blogs.

We would love all our readers to join in the fun by commenting or writing their own post about their WORD. It's time to spread the word about how one WORD can "lighten the load" when the going gets tough. Our goal is to create a chain reaction around the blogosphere.

This month we have decided to write a poem/acrostic reflecting on our without further ado here are our acrostics:

Annemarie - McMGrad89 chose DISCIPLINE:

D evelop better habits of daily living.
I nform friends of my plans. They will keep you accountable.
S leep at least 7 hours a week night.
C ook 5 days a week.
I mpossible will no longer be a part of my vocabulary.
P lan weekly meals.
L eave the house on time to relieve stress.
I nactivity will not be tolerated.
N ew sneakers will be purchased immediately!
E xercise at least three days a week.

Coach - AVT Coach chose ABUNDANCE:

A tone for your hurtfulness.
B id farewell to judgment.
U tilize your mind.
N otice your surroundings.
D raw on support from friends.
A cknowledge the gifts of others.
N ullify negativity.
C reate moments of meaning.
E mbrace the little things.

Roban chose FAITH

F reedom to enjoy life’s precious moments.
A cceptance of God’s plans.
I magining the possibilities.
T rusting that my life is in God’s capable and loving hands.
H umbling myself as I relinquish control.

and JOY is....celebrating

J oyful
mO ments
everY day!


E nergetically
e X acting
un C ommon
r E sults
L eaning
who L ly
d E pendant
o N a
pea C eful
r E deemer

Peggy - Miruspeg chose BALANCE:

B elieve in yourself.
A llow the positive energy to flow your way.
L ook, learn, laugh and Love.
A lways allow for a few stumbles along the way.
N ever give up or stop trying.
C limb that mountain, till you reach the top.
E njoy the journey.

Words are merely sounds until they become associated with an object or an action or a feeling. The way sounds come to have meaning is through repetitive exposure to spoken language. So if we keep our WORD close by, it will urge us on and how empowering that will be!

We got our inspiration about focusing on a WORD for the year from Caroline at The Zen in You. Wonder on over to her place and she will enlighten you further about this wonderful WORD project. Caroline's word is DESERVE......

Kakadu National Park, NT, Australia - May 2007 - Beautiful reflections.


Roban said...

You are amazing! I LOVE the song you chose for this. I've never heard it before.... It would be fun to play this in class. My students could definitely relate to "words don't come easy!" Nice way to bring our words together. Enjoy your weekend!

miruspeg said...

Roban - It took a great deal of searching to find this song - "Words" by F.R. David. He is a Frenchman and the song came out in 1982 and was a huge European hit. I vaguely remember it and thought it has a nice catchy tune...the lyrics are perfect for reflecting on our words.

Lilly said...

Wonderful post Peggy. Everyone's words are wonderful as are their acrostics. Wonderful and powerful concept. Maybe I will do this and make my word Love in line with my theme for next month. I have been thinking about that a lot lately. I really think the music you chose is clever too - every time I come here I have to hang around for a while lol! And your header photos are always fantastic too!

Lance said...

Hi Peggy,
This is very cool - to really take these words to new levels. My WORD is COURAGE:
C Can do whatever I set my mind and heart to
O Over and over I will remind myself
U Up is the direction I'm going!
R Real this will all be
A Always believe!
G Greatness will come from within!
E Excellence will be my state of mind!

This was so much fun to to - and it really feels good to remind myself to focus on this word I've made a priority in my life this year.

Thanks much Peggy!

McMGrad89 said...

Yay, I love it. I am so excited that we are doing this together. It makes me think about my direction everyday. Even when I don't want to, thus the need for discipline!!!

Meow said...

Namaste Peggy,

Great post!! And I guess, Roban defines it perfectly for me. So now you have a fair idea of how lazy I am but also how very adept at recognizing real gems :)

By the way, looking at all the beautiful pics that you post of Australia, I so want to visit the place. I hope I do get to.

Love always,

Wendelyn DeMoss said...

Excellent writing Peggy, I love how you introduced our project!! I too love the song, you have a special talent for putting that together! Loved too that Lance played along!
I think we all agree this focus does play a part in the success of the word making an impact!
Cheers to you today!

Meow said...

And Peggy,

Words dont come easy
How can I find a way to make someone see I love him?
I guess there's no way cos he's not blind & if he's unwilling to see it, there's nothing much you or I can do about it. :)

carrhop said...

Love it--and love your thoughts on how words become powerful! Thanks so much!


Monica said...

I love the never stop trying attitude. Definitely a good reminder. Sometimes it would be, well, easier to give up.

imbeingheldhostage said...

This was such a cool post to see you all together with your different words (I've been seeing them individually), and again-- a great idea!! I'm going to have to come up with a word... something other than whinge because I don't think that's the mood you're going for.

Also impressed with your skillful playlist choice :-)

Kat Mortensen said...

Hi Peggy!

My word is "healing" and so far, it's doing me good. I think of it not only in terms of myself but others around me. My mom, my husband, my sister-in-law and brother-in-law - we all need to heal for various reasons. Keeping this firmly in mind helps so much.


Caroline said...

This is beyond awesome...I love how we can take our words and create such a positive force with them!

Midlife, menopause, mistakes and random stuff... said...

D - dedicated to healthy living & thinking
E - early riser....helps keep me young at heart
C - calm on the inside and outside
I - invigorated - every day
D - determined to make a success story of my life
E - energized by the world around me
D - damsel who has found her knight in armor