Wednesday, 14 January 2009

A Musical Story

My world would be unimaginable without music washing over me, it has played a huge part in my life from as far back as I can is food for my soul!

I am in awe of songwriters. Not only for the beautiful lyrics they write but combined with the melodies, they take me to a wondrous place.

So today I have borrowed the lyrics from VARIOUS SONGS written by Gary Lightbody off Snow Patrol's latest album "A Hundred Million Suns" to write this musical story.

Hold on, hold on, let me get the words out before I burst!

Crack the shutters open wide
I want to see you in the light of day
It's been minutes. It's been days. It's been all I will remember

It's a mess. It's a start. It's a flawed work of art.

Pick a side. Pick a fight. But get your epitaph right!

Or you can sing till you drop,
Cause the fun just never stops.

Tell me you never wanted more than this,
And I will stop talking now.

Your love is life piled tight and high,
Set against the sky, that seems to balance on it's own.

I'm not afraid of anything, even time.
It'll eke away at everything, but we'll be fine.

Just close your eyes,
And count to five,
Let's craft the only thing we know into surprise.

When your eyes meet mine, I lose simple skills,
Like to tell you all I want is now.

What will you remember, what will you think of me,
After I say goodbye.

I know you love me, like the million times I never said.

Hit that button there,
The one that just says wrong.
And we'll lose our minds to all our favourite songs.

What if this storm ends,
And leaves us nothing except a memory.
A distant echo.

Worry not everything is sound.
This is the safest place you're found.

Stop waving your arms you're safe and dry,
Breathe in and drink up the winter sky.

The most beautiful merry-go-round (carousel) I have ever seen - Strasbourg, France - June 2008


Meow said...

Lovely Post!!

And this merry go round's beautiful. I wanted to share a pic of one that I clicked which was also very pretty but just finished searching for it & couldn't find it :( Never mind.

Love & Hugs,

Meow said...


I couldn't find the pic that I clicked but I am still going to put a pic of that particular Merry-go-round (though clicked by someone else) on my other blog. U can check it out at

P.S. Click on the image to enlarge it & have a better view :)

Anonymous said...

Rather a coincidence....just before reading this post I had sent a text to my son using the lyrics of a Beatles song to wake him up!The song writers say it better!

Monica said...

Even now I can remember my favorite song in college!

I really enjoyed your scrapblogs, nice work!

MrsPeel said...

and I know the way you feel.
music has been and still is huge in my life.
and the feeling I have at times that songs can describe in a marvelous way exactly the moment I am living.....
love the carrousel.
got a picture of the winter wonderland'sone, last year, you'll love it.
I ll post it soon.
missing you here, my friend.
huggzzzz and more huggzzz

Roban said...

I love how you created this. You definitely are a musical being.... I always enjoy my visits with you. We have very similar tastes in music, so I can pull up your blog and get my music fix while getting things organized at school or home!

Caroline said...

I Love music...I need it in my life to calm me. Have you been to yet? You can create your own radio station. As we speak I have New Age Ambient music playing in the back's heaven.

Amy said...

Great post!

I find music can alter my mood powerfully and can give me new perspective on things.

Coldplay is definately one of my faves as well!

Take Care,

Sherer said...

Miss Peggy,

I love music as well. Its a language that everyone speaks capable of amazing things. Do you have an absolute favorite song?


Wendelyn DeMoss said...

I just heard about myself and a friend showed me how it works. When you choose a song it tells you what else you might like. You can choose a song and then vote one it and they send you more. I too love your music. It seems we are such like souls, as is Fly Girl..but what you bring to me are the new songs that I have not heard. I too pull up your blog in the day and play your music!! I did not make music much of a priority in 08 but as you know it is on my abundant list for 09!!

miruspeg said...

Thank you everyone for stopping by and leaving your wonderful comments.
I love how diverse they all are.

Meow - You have inspired me to ride the carousel next time I see one. I thought I was too old, but we are never too old are we. Thankyou muchly.

Anonymous - (CJ) always love reading your comments. Texting song lyrics is a great idea, I'm going to run with that idea as well.

Monica - I wish I remembered some of my school lessons, like I remember the music. Actually children respond well to learning experiences involving the use of music, hopefully it is being used more in schools. Thanks also for your nice feedback on my scrapblogs.

Cynthia - I totally agree that songs describe exactly how we feel at any particular moment. That's why I am in awe of the songwriters.
Always missing you and Sarita, you are such delightful people. We will talk again soon.

Roban - I have never been described as a musical being before....I sure do feel like one though. It makes me so happy that you enjoy my music selection.

Caroline - Thanks for the link to pandora, but when I clicked onto it I got this message:

"Dear Pandora Visitor,
We are deeply, deeply sorry to say that due to licensing constraints, we can no longer allow access to Pandora for listeners located outside of the U.S. We will continue to work diligently to realize the vision of a truly global Pandora, but for the time being we are required to restrict its use. We are very sad to have to do this, but there is no other alternative".

Amy - Yes music can be a very powerful tool in altering our moods. When I was young and foolish I used music to actually make me sadder when I was feeling low.

Jesse - What a difficult question, "my absolute favourite song" is like asking "who is your favourite child". I have nearly 200 songs on my playlist, I love each one for different reasons and many, many other songs not on the list.

Coach - The pandora site sounds "right up my alley", hopefully I will be able to find another site similar to this one that allows access to visitors outside the USA. We definitely are "like souls" like the Ben Lee song "We're all in this together" states.

bluesky said...

Another great charity site is It donates money to children in need through World Vision.

Check it out at

Jennifer Chronicles ( said...

I agree with AVT Coach - you do post the best musci on your play list. I have an artist to introduce you to, if you have not yet heard of his work. Eef Barzelay. He was born in Tel Aviv. Raised in NJ. I stumbled upon his while looking for a version of Mine Eyes Have Seen The Glory on

miruspeg said...

Jen - Thanks for introducing me to Eef Barzelay. I will go and check out some of his music.