Sunday, 26 September 2021


As scientists and physicians work to treat and cure the physical symptoms of long-haul COVID, many of us are struggling with the emotional long-haul of the pandemic. 

This is called Languishing -  a sense of stagnation and emptiness. It feels as if we're muddling through our days, looking at our life through a foggy windshield. 

According to experts languishing is the neglected middle child of mental health. It’s the void between depression and flourishing, the absence of well-being

Languishing dulls our motivation, disrupts our ability to focus, and triples the odds that we'll cut back on work. 

The term was coined by a sociologist named Corey Keyes, who was struck that many people who weren't depressed also weren't thriving.

Part of the danger is that when we're languishing, we might not notice the dulling of delight or the dwindling of drive. We don’t catch ourselves slipping slowly into solitude; we're indifferent to our indifference. 

So folks it could give us a socially acceptable response to “How are you?”

Instead of saying “Great!” or “Fine,” imagine if we answered, “Honestly, I’m languishing.” 

"Inch by inch I conquered the inner terrain I was born with.

Bit by bit I reclaimed the swamp in which I'd languished. I gave birth to my infinite being, but I had to wrench myself out of me with forceps."

Seal Cave in New Zealand 
Chairs in the Wilderness


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Well, very interesting info about languishing. And I like that quotation by Fernando Pessoa.

miruspeg said...

Hey Debra
Thanks for stopping by after my long absence from blogging.
Hope you are not languishing in 2021, hope you are investing in the things you love doing.
Big hugs my friend
Peggy xxx

Christine said...

That is a good word for it! I just heard that Norway is letting up all Covid restrictions. My hope is that we will all be following soon, Canada seems to run a bit behind Europe. Bodes well for spring.

miruspeg said...

Hey my friend Christine
I hadn't heard of the term languishing until the other day when it popped up on someone's blog post.
It certainly makes a lot sense that our mental well-being is affected in a negative way as it has gone on for so long.
In Sydney Australia we have been in lockdown since the beginning of June this year, if we are lucky we will be able to socialize from mid October when the population is 80% fully vaccinated.
I have been fully vaccinated since early July 2021 so I am rearing to go!
Spring has sprung in Australia and so has hope.
Take care
Peggy xxxx

Kathy G said...

I hadn't heard of the concept of languishing before this. Thanks for educating me.

miruspeg said...

Thanks for stopping by Kathy.
I am sure the word languishing and it's meaning in 2020/2021 will be talked about at length. Let's hope it is a distant memory in 2022!
Take care
Peggy xx

Bill Lisleman said...

I say hey what's going on. Great song.
"...we're indifferent to our indifference." Yes I feel that way, probably too often. I think this pandemic made me more irritable.

miruspeg said...

Hey Bill, I love that song too and I relate to it at the moment.
Today in Sydney, Australia we have just come out of a 4 month lockdown, ground hog day over and over again.
We are very fortunate though with nearly 80% of the New South Wales population being double vaccinated.
We should be able to travel overseas again by December.

All the best my friend.
Peggy xxxx

Marja said...

A new word for me; languishing I think all of us are a bit languishing atm. I feel like being in between things. Like being on a train station and not knowing when and where the next train goes.
So we better get comfortable on that train station and languish a bit.
Sometimes it is good to retreat and ponder about things you normally don't get too. As long as the pondering doesn't become worrying or something.
Lots of light and love Peggy