Saturday, 2 April 2011

Just One Thing

Everything is connected. At least, theoretically.

And even if it isn’t, I can pretend (or assume) that within the world of me and my me-ness:

Connections are everywhere.

This comes in handy whenever things get overwhelming. Or when my to-do list is seventeen million miles long!

Look at the garden.

It’s a beautiful garden. It’s the place where all my projects, hopes, possibilities, things that might happen and gwishes are growing.

But there are way more things growing in this space than I could ever possibly tend to.

Sometimes it seems like there isn’t any point in taking care of any of these flowers, when taking care of one means abandoning all the others.

Here’s what happens.

I just decide.

Every time I lovingly, intentionally do one caring thing for one flower, something about that act and the process is secretly working to nurture and support the other ones.

Or you know what? Even when I do a sloppy, half-assed thing to care for one flower. It still counts.

And so I keep doing just one thing.

Any thing at all, really. Just one thing.

Today I will not be able to accomplish the shocking number of things that need and want doing.

But each piece will count. And somehow it is helping the entire garden.

So I don’t have to do everything.

Even though the urgency monsters say that actually I do.

One thing at a time.

Each thing activating, untangling, supporting and helping all the other things.
Even if I can’t see it or feel it. Even if it’s underground.

I’m going to let the fractal flowers do the real work, and I will do what I can, in the way that I can. Trying to trust that every piece counts.

"Just living is not enough," said the butterfly.
"One must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower."
~~ Hans Christian Andersen

In Western Sydney where I occasionally work I spotted this mural on a wall. I felt a strong connection with the painting. - Durali Aboriginal Centre - June 2006.


Zz... said...

Yup...we are all extend on this the concept that is currently spending a lot of my time in my conscious lately is that we are all a part of a whole...we are one!

LauraX said...

Peggy you are so right...and it is easy to forget in our desire to do more, that every little act of kindness counts. I've not been by in so is good to read your wisdom.

Christine said...

good advice today, Peggy. I should listen to you.

Roban said...

I love this post, Peggy. It's a lovely way of saying that every little thing we do does count and matter. I even see your flowers as a metaphor for my students.....


Debra W said...

Thank you, dear heart! Sometimes I become so overwhelmed by all that must get done and my limited ability to do it, that I almost freeze up and do none of it. That only leads to more anxiety. Your post is a gentle reminder that doing even one thing, which is always manageable, is sometimes enough. I truly needed to hear this, and as often is, you are the sweet messenger!

I am so grateful to be connected to you!

Love and hugs,

miruspeg said...

Macs, Laura, Christine, Roban, Debbie....heartfelt thanks for being so supportive and adding to the conversation.
I am very blessed to be connected to wonderful friends like you guys.
Do keep shining your light for all to see.
Big hugs
Peggy xxxxx

Mike Smith said...

I took your advice, Peggy. I got up this morning and looked at the garden. Damn, the grass needs cut -so I went back to bed...

miruspeg said...

I was expecting a comment like this from my Scottish mate!
Now go to the pub Mike and have a wee drop or two.
Thanks for putting smiles on my dial. :D)

Stoneweaver said...

How profound Peggy - and so true. I must remember it when I'm feeling overwhelmed.

It also reminds me of the Jewish saying "Save one life and save the world entire".

We can all do our bit - and it all counts.

Rainbow light to you!

miruspeg said...

Yes Stoneweaver we can ALL do our bit to make the world a better place.
Little gestures can create or strengthen our sense of community and of shared humanity, lightening our burdens for just a moment and giving us something to smile about. And that’s no small matter!

Stoneweaver said...

Hey Soul Sister!!! That song made me smile when I came here today!

:o) :o) :o) :o) :o) :o) :o)

I'm blessed to have you in my life!

Cameron said...

Your words always inspire introspection....your observations ring true :)

You are wonderful!

miruspeg said...

Stoneweaver it is a foot tapping happy tune isn't it! I am blessed to have you in my life too.....I feel we are soul sisters!

Cameron - What a lovely comment, it warms my soul dear friend. :-)

Marit said...

Thanks for the inspiring post AND mural Peggy! It feels like taking a warm bath, coming to your blog!

Evil Shannanigans said...

My garden is full of weeds. Lucky for me I have a giant scythe! :)

miruspeg said...

My dear Marit what a lovely expression - "warm bath". Thank you kind, creative friend!

Shannon you are a hoot! I don't feel your garden is full of weeds any longer. You are blossoming with all your projects. The world is in very good hands with people like you leading the way. :D)

Evil Shannanigans said...

Pegs your garden is like the starfish story

I feel the same way about my animals. There are MILLIONS! Millions that get killed in my country alone. How can I save millions? I can't. But I can save one

Evil Shannanigans said...

sorry I just had to post a more profound comment than my last one :)

miruspeg said...

What a lovely compliment Shannon. :D).
I hadn't thought of the Starfish story for quite some time.
Simple, small actions can make a huge difference.....similar to the Butterful effect.

I am sure you are going to save more than one animal Shannon, you are going to create a massive chain reaction in assisting animal rights in your country.

Lilly said...

Another wonderful post Peggy. I see a book in your future. Seriously think about it. I would love a book of your posts to reflect on and inspire me. We need constant reminding. Thanks.

miruspeg said...

Thanks Lilly!
Actually I am in the process of publishing a book of my blog posts.
It may take a little while as my work commitments are very demanding at the moment.
Big heart hugs to you my dear friend.