Friday, 25 March 2011

Full Circle

After a long, long time, many years of soul searching, study and self-discovery I believe I have finally 'got it' and now understand the difference between the deepest agony and misery of the human condition and the greatest joy!

I 'know', from my own experience, that the difference is simply between feeling separate, isolated, lonely, lost.....and feeling 'at-one', whole, home.

I think many people live with a kind of homesickness; a sweet nostalgia which they can't quite put their finger on as if they were once in a place that they can't quite remember but desperately, somehow, want to get back to.

I believe that at our deepest level (our core, Being, essence, soul, DNA) we inherently know that we are one with each other and with all things.

The trouble is in our mental-minds. We have a deeply rooted idea that we are separate, a deeply engrained belief. This causes a split between what we think and what we intuitively know; a distance between our heads and our hearts.

From day to day we live from our heads, our thoughts.....and this causes all our problems, all our misery. We're going against our deepest instincts!

It is said that while in the womb (and also as very young children) we are in a natural state of one-ness, love, union, innocence, bliss. Then after a while, gradually as we grow up in the world, we begin to realise that "I am this and you are that", "I am here and you are there", "I am me and you are you". We start to feel separate, we become 'self-conscious', we become afraid.

We go on and on accumulating knowledge, identity, conditioning and this sense of 'Me' gets re-enforced over and over again. We develop an "Ego".

Psychologists reckon that this is essential for survival at this stage of our lives. However, although necessary, too much "ego" can eventually become a heavy burden.

As adults, we feel isolated, lonely, small, restricted and incomplete.
Trapped in this prison of a mind-made-ME, we long to expand, to grow, to melt, to merge with someone, something.....anything.

We ache to be back in that place that we once knew. This has all happened because we have forgotten Who We Truly Are. Our light has become hidden under the bushel of fear, a false self, a mask, a defence, and/or an idea.


Love is the essence of who we are and it is our way out of this mess.

Love and fear are opposites. Fear was the problem, love is the solution. Fear means separation, love means union.

Love is freedom. Love heals us, makes us whole again.

So it seems that our lives are a journey from knowing, through forgetting, to (hopefully) remembering again. We start out open and free and end up open and free.

Somewhere in the middle we pass through a narrow tunnel. This tunnel is our identification with our small-self, "ME", a conditioned-ego, our cocoon.

"Life at any time can become difficult: life at any time can become easy. It all depends upon how one adjusts oneself to life."
~~ Morarji Desai

This sculpture called "Presence" was made by Steinunn Thorarinsdottir from Iceland for Sculpture by the Sea, Bondi, November 2008. His statement about the piece was "Look and See"


Christine said...

fear is indeed a limiting factor. We must choose love.

HappyOrganist said...

"I think many people live with a kind of homesickness; a sweet nostalgia which they can't quite put their finger on as if they were once in a place that they can't quite remember but desperately, somehow, want to get back to."
without reading the rest, AMEN =D

yes, some of us live with that. I don't know if you're talking about what I'm talking about, but I think there's a truth there.

HappyOrganist said...

That's cool - that gives a whole new spin to 'self-conscious' and the reason(s) for fear accompanying it. At once - it's so foreign. Fascinating. Did you read this somewhere.. ?
probably in a lot of books, no? I know there are books out there that talk like this..

And do you care if I repost this on my blog? I love it. Says exactly what I want to say only it's actually prettier than I'd ever be able to say it (ever). oh my gosh.

Well - Hope you have a nice weekend, Peggy =)

Chapter Forty said...

So many great truths and observations here Peggy. All these circles in life are actually very beautiful and somehow reassuring, like heaven and hell only being different sides to the same coin.

Mike Smith said...

What wise words, Peggy. As some combo beat once sang 'All You Need is Love'.

Zz... said...

Hey Pegs finally got a more functional net connection so can read blogs again-yay!

nice to hear you are also having the same insights and revelations, this increasing wisdom and deeper understanding certainly is a very interesting journey huh :)


Zz... said...

p.s been out of the loop for ages- what foundation did you set up?!!!

Can-Can said...

These words are wise and so true. I would also add one more word - powerlessness. As individual human beings we often feel powerless. When we face situations alone we often feel powerless. But when people come together - their joined efforts become power. I'm not just thinking about social movements and actions, I'm thinking about relationships and families. If a couple join together to face the challenge they are powerful and not isolated any more. Coming together shows love, faith, and trust. Thanks for your wisdom.

Evil Shannanigans said...

I love this and you Peggy. Loving others is easy when they are sweet like you...It's the aholes I have a problem being one with.
I guess I am a work in progress, but I am getting better!

Robyn said...

Yes we are one.... a beautiful post.

x Robyn

Marit said...

Heeyyy Peggy! I thought you quit blogging but now I notice another deep and strong post from you! Glad I came by and found out! Hope you are doing well! Love, Marit

Stoneweaver said...

I have nothing to add (for once!) We are of one opinion on this. Great post!

Jennifer said...

Wow, so many truths, you know when you just KNOW something, well when I read this post I just know it's truth. We are most certainly one. Sometimes, I think that living this life on earth is really hell because we "think" we are seperate and it's not until we die that we know for sure that we're really one part of God/LOVE/universe, which is heaven.