Thursday, 17 March 2011

Heart Hugs

It's really interesting, the power of hugs. I personally feel that in today's society a lot of us are stuck and locked in our own personal little bubbles.

We have almost forgotten that sense of "community" and interconnectedness with each other.

Hugging is an intimate and communal thing and it's something I believe should be brought back as a widely accepted greeting and behaviourism in societies. Not something that is shunned or feeling weird about when someone reaches out for one.

In the middle of January I visited my dear friend Stoneweaver in Christchurch, New Zealand and we held up "Free Hugs" signs with her sister and another friend in Cathedral Square. The energy we gave and received was incredible. The power of touch was quite addictive.

Stoneweaver came to Sydney last week and stayed with me for a week, one reason being to get away from the aftershocks of the earthquake.

I took her to Newtown, an inner city suburb, for some shopping and while there we popped into a shop called The Tree of Life. We got chatting to the owner of the shop and the subject of hugging was brought up.

To our surprise she asked us "Do you know how you hug matters"? She then proceeded to tell us that a left handed hug (left arm up, right arm down) forms a strong electrical current linking heart energy to heart energy.

We tried it, hugging the owner of the shop, whom we had just met and received a wonderful energy boost.

So as Kathleen Keating wrote "Give generously and watch yourself grow rich in what matters most".

"A hug is like a boomerang – you get it back right away." ~Bill Keane

Most of my hugs in New Zealand were right hand hugs! Looks like I will have to return and try out left handed ones.


HappyOrganist said...

oh that is awesome. I LOVE hugs. And although I am very into 'energy medicine' I don't think right and left hand hugs really matter all that much.
that is fun with the sign. You two sound positively adorable together. =D
Thanks for sharing! ^^ (Next time you're in the states, you should come to Utah.......)
(i wasn't kidding)

Christine said...

A hug can be very reassuring, comforting. I'm definitely more of a hugger, than say a cheek kisser.

Who you callin' housewife? said...

Had you and your friend tried this in the U.S. someone's lawyer would have been in touch with you by now. Sounds like a great thing you and your friend did.

I will try in the future to do the left arm up hug and see what happens.

McMGrad89 said...

I hadn't thought of it, but my hugs are left handed for the most part.

Anonymous said...

Hugmonsters unite!!!!

Heart hugs to you dear Peggy!

We have a ball don't we ??!!

miruspeg said...

HO - Another hugger how wonderful. Maybe it doesn't matter how we hug but I like the concept that our hearts are touching when we do left hand hugs.
I may just take you up of your kind offer to visit you in Utah...2012 is a possibility.

Christine - Hugs are very special. Babies thrive on them, so I guess we must as well. If I lived in France I would probably be a cheek kisser (both cheeks). Here in Australia we kiss the air most of the time!

Kim (Housewife) - These people hugged us of their own freewill so hopefully they would not sue us if they didn't get the result they hoped for...LOL.

Annemarie - How fantastic you are a lefty as your natural way of hugging. I am still working on mine....and having lots of fun!

Stoneweaver - We get up to lots of mischief together! It is a pity we didn't come across a policeman for you to plant a big kiss on his cheek, to check out your theory about kissing a policeman without getting arrested.

Chapter Forty said...

What a beautiful person you are Peggy.

A simple hug cures lots of tears and owies here.
Power to the hug.

When I hug I like to give a nice tight squeeze at the end.

I hope I get to hug you one day.

Cameron said...

You are so young at heart...and carefree...I envy that!

I love hugs, and do believe in their power...but to make a sign and offer them to the public....never in a million years would I come up with that...haha!

I need to loosen up!

Anonymous said...

Blantant plug: come see my tribute to Christchurch on my blog!!

miruspeg said...

CF - What a absolutely delightful person you are! Such a lovely comment. You touched my heart my friend and we will hug one day, it is written in the stars. :D)

Cameron - I do feel young at heart most of the time (maybe not early in the morning though!)

I wish I could tell you that it was our idea but the "Free Hugs" campaign was started by Juan Mann in 2004 in Pitt Street in Sydney. It is now a social movement carried out worldwide.

Stoneweaver - How utterly brazen of you, have you no shame!

I saw both videos you posted on Facebook, you are quite the dab hand at making videos now.

Marja said...

oh what a wonderful post. Have to remeber the left up right down one. I have experienced the power of hugs especially after the quakes. When strangers told me a sad story I gave them a hug. They all thanked me and one woman was so happy that she gave me a quick hug again before we parted.
The energy comes indeed straight back to you. A very healing activity. Lots of hugs marja
My word verification is friend :)

miruspeg said...

Thanks Marja!
Heartfelt hugs leave each person with a profound sense of peacefulness, joy and love.

The internet even joined in by sending you that word verification!

Take care and keep shining.
Super hugs.
Peg xxxxx

Angie said...

Have you noticed that when (most) men hug they slap one another on the back! Thanks for popping over, I live a few Ks from Robyn.

miruspeg said...

Hi Angie, lovely to connect with another Aussie!

I think men in general (well Australia men) are embarrassed when they touch each other so they have to offset it by doing a typical "macho" guy thing like slapping each other on the back. I wonder if it will ever change?

I will send some of our Sydney rain over to you, you certainly need it. :-)

Roban said...

I think I'm a left-handed hugger for the most part. Does a right-handed hug have more meaning, too?

I've got to get the teaching thing under control. I rarely have time to blog during the school year, and I miss it and the people so much.

I wanted to ask you if I could share about my DonorsChoose project and include a photo of you from your blog (if I can download it.) ... the photo of you in Africa? Just let me know. I've got a post written but wanted to be sure you're okay with it first.

Hugs, friend.... (real hugs in 2012!)


miruspeg said...

Roban I only posted about the left handed hugs because of the heart connection, I am not sure what the right handed hugs connect too....maybe one of my readers could tell me.

I would be very happy if you wrote a post about DonorsChoose and if you would like to include any of my photos that would be grand.

I think DonorsChoose is a fantastic way to raise funds for different projects and having it connected to Facebook where all your friends can easily access it is a double bonus.

Big heart hugs coming your way.
Peg xxxxx

Mike Smith said...

Here's a hug from Bonnie Scotland. But being a Scot and a grumpy old man, I'll expect one back...

miruspeg said...

You can have more than one my dear Scottish mate. ((((Mike))))) ((((Mike)))) ((((Mike))))).....
It would be grand to give you one in real life one day.....if your wife doesn't mind!

Mike Smith said...

My dear Peggy - Mrs Smith is the last person who would mind!

Can-Can said...

I love hugs and have found that I give them more as I've gotten older. A hug is a physical I love you. Thanks for this post.

Yolanda said...

I too believe inthe healing power of hugs. You are a wonderful person.

miruspeg said...

Mike - Well in that case when I am next in Scotland expect a big bear hug!

Candelaria - I am finding I am hugging much more as I age as well. I am not self conscious anymore so just about everyone I meet these days gets a hug.

Yolanda - Hello new friend!
Hugs are not much different than Reiki or any other contact healing technique. It's all the same. It's all energy. Healing is energy.

Evil Shannanigans said...

You are the coolest person I know. I would gladly give out hugs with you, as long as I get to reserve the right to refuse hugs to smelly people.

miruspeg said...

I LOVE it when you call me "cool" Shannon!
I have no idea how many people I hugged in Christchurch, but there was no smelly ones!
When I visit you in 2012 we can hold up "Free Hugs" signs with some of your is very addictive.
Keep shining.....

Anonymous said...

Way to go Peggy - huggin all over the world!!!


[That is a heart hug]

miruspeg said...

Stoneweaver next time you come to Sydney let's do "Free Hugs" down at Darling Harbour or Circular Quay near the Opera House!
If I am going to hug my way around the world, I had better do it in "my own backyard" as well.

Caroline said...

Oh Peggy...hugs are the beat. And how wonderful that Stoneweaver came to stay with you. That warms my heart!


miruspeg said...

Hey Caroline
I was just over at your blog marveling at your antics and photography.
Stoneweaver and I are very fortunate that we only a 3 hour plane ride away from each other and she loves Sydney and I love Christchurch.
Huge hugs back to you too. :D)

Robyn said...

such a brilliant thing to share.
actually doesn't exisit without another ;-)


miruspeg said...

Hello Robyn!
Stoneweaver & I talk about you often (all good!) and we are both hoping that the day will come when the 3 of us can hold up "Free Hugs" signs and place some graffiti knitting in interesting places.
I will have to bring her over to your "neck of the woods" next time she visits me. I love Western Australia. The last time I was in Perth was 1972 and Broome 2007.