Saturday, 2 January 2010

New Beginning

Well a new decade has arrived.....twenty-ten. Sounds like the future doesn't it. Not the present.

It’s been an incredible roller coaster of a decade and I’m ready for something new although I haven't got a plan yet, at least not for the first six months.

I’m feeling optimistic but that is nothing new. So out with the old and in with the new....maybe my new word for the year should be NEW.

Anyway dear blogger friends when I have a plan I will share my journey. It will probably be mainly in photos and quotes as my blog was very wordy in 2009.

Let the games begin......Carpe Diem

"You are always a valuable, worthwhile human being -- not because anybody says so, not because you're successful, not because you make a lot of money -- but because you decide to believe it and for no other reason.”

Wayne Dyer quotes (American motivational Speaker)

My mother (Beryl) dancing and singing to her favourite song by Nat King Cole, "Rambling Rose"....30 December 2009, Lindfield, Sydney (not bad for 87 years young!).


Evil Shannanigans said...

Hope your year doesnt suck Pegs! :)

miruspeg said...

Your words will be a great source of inspiration Shannon as I wind my way through 2010.
Bless you!!!

Sarah Lulu said...

This will be a fantastic decade.

I can feel it.

I love your words don't stop.

miruspeg said...

Another Aussie optimist...yay!!
Sarah I am sure I will add a few wordy posts from time to time.
Take care mate and give Matilda a big hug for me please. :)

Cathy said...

I feel it’s going to be a wonderful year

I love your words and photo’s, love your new header Peggy

miruspeg said...

WOW all the Aussies are here in blogland tonight (and one Canadian) stating that it will be a great year/decade. (well the Canadian really meant that)!

Sending positive messages around cyberspace is a wonderful way to start the new year.

Cathy that header photo was taken when I visited Kings Canyon in the Northern Territory back in June 2007.
Isn't it a majestic tree standing tall out in the wildness. :)

Mike Smith said...

I had a very happy 2010 - but by quarter past eight normal service had been resumed...

I hope the year ahead is everything you want it to be, Peggy.

miruspeg said...

Thanks Mike, I sure hope the year ahead for both of us is at least a pleasant one. Gee quarter past eight eh, I presume it was in the evening, as you would be been sleeping if it was the morning!!
You haven't lost your sense of humour my Scottish friend and you better not either!!
Love your new profile pic....finally see the man behind the humour. :)

John Atkinson said...

I'm looking forward to 2010 and your blog posts. I dream that goodness will spread throughout the lands and onto the universe for future dreamers

miruspeg said...

Good morning John you are up bright and early...I should be heading off the bed soon.
What a perfect dream, you have a wonderful way of expressing yourself John. :)

zhen said...

sorry had to be difficult and offer the alternative to Shan(lol)


miruspeg said...

Hey Macs you should be in bed too!!
Shannon has a unique way of expressing herself and always gets her point across. Thats why we love her so much.
Hope you are planning a fantastic year. May as well aim for the stars don't you think!

Roban said...

With each new year comes new ideas and inspiration! I'm sure you'll find just the right touch for your blog. I enjoy everything you share... words, pictures, quotes, songs... oh, especially those songs!

Have a blessed day, week, and kick-off to a new year...!


Silver said...

How fun and delightful! i see the uncanny resemblance there.. ;)


Christine said...

I like your thoughts on the new decade, your Wayne Dyer quote and your mom looks fantastic! I was thinking this morning that my family doesn't have good genes're lucky.

Anonymous said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! It's going to be fantabulous!

But please don't ditch the words!

miruspeg said...

Roban thats how I feel about a new year and this one especially because it starts a new decade. I really would like to start some new projects. I love how you love my music, maybe in a previous life I was a singer/songwriter!
Thanks for the blessings dear friend :)

Fel (Silver) I sure plan on having a mountain of fun in 2010, in fact I am going to make humour a large part of this blog this year.
We will be smiling and laughing together....sounds like a good plan eh!! :)

Christine that quote jumped off the page or should I say out off the screen when I read it. It has a very powerful meaning doesn't it.
I certainly realise how lucky I am regarding my genes. Looks like I could be around quite a while discovering the joys of this planet and "meeting" delightful people like yourself. :)

Stoneweaver you bet its going to be fantabulous! February will be here in the blink of an eye and we will be sitting together in my lounge room sipping wine and sharing our stories and I promise I will feed you...I am taking cooking lesson now!
Oh I course I won't ditch the words, I will just be shorting my posts....anyway you are supposed to be encouraging me to stay off the computer in 2010....remember!!!

Avtcoach said...

Happy New Year! I love the white background, I did the same thing, changed it yesterday. I am going to blog more this New Year. I love the touch point, I love reading new ideas, especially your ideas. I can totally see you in that dancing picture of your mother. You exude the same joy for life! I know what ever you come up with for your blog and for your journey in 2010 it will be wonderful. I keep thinking of what we can do when you get here!! An amazing adventure! I'll keep thinking!

T's Daily Treasures said...

Wishing you a most wonderful year full of peace, love, joy and good health. Your mom is a cutie! Blessings to you and yours, Tammy

miruspeg said...

Wendy (AVTCoach) I read that white is associated with light, goodness, innocence, safety, purity and represents a new beginning. Also angels are usually imagined wearing white what better background colour to use to start off a new year/decade....great minds think alike!!
And what a lovely comment to read so heartwarming. I'll be booking my ticket shortly and will probably be arriving 3rd July, so put your thinking cap on as I am expecting lots of adventures!

Tammy I will pass your comment onto my mother, she will be smiling from ear to ear at being called a cutie. :D
And thank you for your wonderful wishes which I send right back to you. I do feel so blessed to have so many loving friends here in very blessed. :)

Roban said...

Thank for the compliments! I had fun creating my new look but realized I am in need of more pictures. I had few to choose from. Hannah was a little surprised to find that she wasn't the focal point this time! I'm sure she'll make it back to the header at some point!

And, thanks, too for saying that my writing is "cool!" That means a lot coming from my Aussie friend.


McMGrad89 said...

Happy New Year! Thanks for the phone call. It meant a lot to me. Your mother is just lovely. We should all be that lively. This is my year to be selfish in the most positive light of the word, taking care of myself so that I can enjoy life and the others around me. Starting the year off out of commission gave me a week's worth of time to think about that.

Enjoy your time being optimistic!

Evil Shannanigans said...

love you pegs...I see where you get your kick a$$ personality from :)

miruspeg said...

Hi Annemarie great to see you back in cyberspace, you have been sorely missed! So pleased to read you are going to be selfish in the most positive way. The Thelma and Louise trip we are planning will need you to be in tip top condition, especially as you will be doing most of the driving!

Aww shucks Shannon, two comments on the one post, I am honoured!
Hope you are already kicking arse in 2010. The world needs more people like you standing up and fighting for what they believe in.
Love you too mate. :-)

A.Marie said...

Hi there! I already am having a very busy 2010! With two teens in the house, life just goes on and on and on!! :)

I look forward to your photos and quotes in future blog posts!

Your mom is so beautiful! Tell her to never, ever stop dancing! Her enthusiasm, through your photo, is quite evident!

Anonymous said...

Excellent post. I hope that you had a very happy new year.

Silver said...

To Humour, Yeah!

I love you very much too, girlfriend!


Debra W said...

Happy, happy New Year, dear heart. I cannot wait to find out what this new year will bring for you. I look forward to seeing your pictures!

Looking at your Mom's precious face, I can see where you got your wonderful spirit from! She is lovely and her exuberance for life just shines through in that photo! Thank you for sharing your Mom with us!

May the coming year bring you lots of health, happiness and love.

Hugs and love,

Jan said...

May your New Year be blessed, Peg, full of joy, love laughter and dancing with mom. What a dear...

If you feel like it, come on over and meditate with us. We're having fun. xo

Mary said...

Peggy, I'm such a cynical old cow. ...but your mother makes me laugh. Power to her and love to you. Wishing you a great NY.
Love from Maryxx

miruspeg said...

Alicia (A Marie) I can only imagine how busy your life must be with 2 teens in the house. But I am sure you wouldn't have it any other way!!
I have actually told my mother about the comments I am receiving regarding her photo and she couldn't believe how strangers could say such lovely things.

Des, nice to see your smiling face again. I'll pop over to your blog shortly and see what you have been up to or what interesting quotes you have added.:)

Fel (Silver) Humour leads to happiness and happiness leads to good health....what more could we ask for girlfriend!!

Deb hello dear friend, what a beautiful comment. I hope you realise you are often in my thoughts and I am always sending you light and love that your nieces will be part of your family again very soon. :)

Jan, thanks for the reminder and I will pop over. Fun and meditation don't normally go hand in hand but if you have found a way I am up for it....LOL.
May you be blessed not only this year Jan but for the rest of your life and beyond.

Mary - You're back! you cynical old cow....LOL. I wish you would start a blog so I could talk to you! Thanks for the lovely wishes. Hope life is treating you well. Lots of love......

Debra W said...

Thank you, Peggy. I can feel the love and light that you send me and it is warm and lovely. You are such a kind soul. Things did not go well for the court appointed mediation on Monday. My Niece's mother refused to even be in the same room with us. I suppose it is harder to lie in front of the people that you are lying about. So hard. I pleaded with the mediator to try to get her to come in and talk with us, but she said that she was "furious" with us and that she will never allow us to see the girls. I knew that it would be like this, but while sitting in the middle of it, my heart aches. I just miss my nieces so much. The court date is March 3, and there will be depositions and such before then. So much pain that should not have even been.

Thank you, again, for your support and concern. It helps, it really does.


miruspeg said...

Deb my heart aches for you as well. The pain of not being able to see your brothers children must be almost unbearable.
March 3 can't come soon enough. I do believe in miracles and I know you will need a miracle here.
But I am happy in the knowledge I will be able to give you a big hug in August this year when I visit your country. :)

Nina P. said...

The New year,/New Decade; where Old become New again. We can shed the cloak of the old and dawn the dress of the unexplored. May 2010 bring you Happiness, Peace, Hope, Health, Joy and Love. Love and Light, Nina P

Lilly said...

Peggy I think its only fair that the coming decade is yoru best yet. It will because you want it and will make it so. As foryour Mum, wow! I now know where you get your beautiful smile, energy and lvoe of GREAT music from. Take Care.