Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Carpe Diem - Seize the Day

The scene is in my mind still. Actor Robin Williams, playing the role of teacher John Keating, in the movie "Dead Poets' Society", is discussing in hushed tones the Latin phrase Carpe Diem, with his bemused pupils during an early encounter.

"Seize the day, gentlemen. Seize the day". Those words sent a shiver down my spine. They filled my mind. To this day they carry a powerful message for me. The Robin Williams character encouraged his students to open their hearts and minds to their dreams and follow through with actions.

Sometimes, as the movie showed, dreams may not be understood by others. Yet those experiences we have when we reach up and out, to extend ourselves, are the experiences and emotions we remember with great affection for the rest of our lives. They are the technicolour passages of our lives.

Many people live black, white and grey lives. Just notice the colour of the clothing they wear most days. A passing brushstroke of colour may influence them only occasionally. Those who are bold enough to seize the day are seizing life and its challenges. They dare to dream. They dare to be different.

There are always exceptional teachers for us, and not just at school. I'm sure you have heard that perceptive quote, "When the pupil is ready the teacher will come". When you sincerely wish to discover why, how, when and where, the teacher quietly arrives. Be ready. The teacher can just as quietly leave if the pupil is not tuned in.

Most of us never ever understand just how we change people's lives with a comment or remark. When we say what they think, show what we feel, make a fool of ourselves if necessary, we encourage ourselves and our friends to push against the bars of the cage of safety to enlarge its dimensions. I know it is better to lose on my feet than to play on my knees.

I am learning through philosophy, blogging and my friends to enjoy the experiences, the scenery, the weather, the food, the "everything". I want to stretch myself and live with other words I want to "seize the day".

This is my scrapblog friend Cynthia and myself in England in July 2008. We became friends through scrapblog and when the opportunity arose to meet each other in person we "seized the day".


Loving Annie said...

I've had my entire life change twice just by a random comment. Once saved my life when I was just 19 and he had no clue. The other was just a year ago via a blog. We never know who our teachers are or where they will come. And we never know how what we say or do may impact someone's else's heart or thoughts strongly with regard to their own life lessons or path.

miruspeg said...

Annie - Sometimes I worry about being addicted to blogging BUT I have grown immensely from reading other blogs, learning to write and the amazing comments people leave on my posts and other posts. I am so pleased I "seized the day" and started a blog.
Thanks for stopping by.

Mommy2Twinkies-Deb said...

Great post! I love it. I always enjoy your blog, because when I'm feeling a bit down or a bit of the mommy doldrums, you help pick me up. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

You are a natural writer - keep blogging! And if you ever come to New Zealand....

Butler and Bagman said...

Hmmm...I had never thought about the teacher's leaving if we are not tuned in part...I just learned something! Thanks, Teacher.

Sarah Lulu said...

So very true and so important!

I like to live my life largely outside my comfort zone because I have (in my life) retreated into my turtle shell way too more.

Anonymous said...

I'm not very good at 'seizing the day'.With me, it is more a case of holding back and waiting to see what tomorrow may bring. That joyous picture of you and Cynthia in London prompted me to scroll through ALL your blogs just looking at your photos.The pictures underline how much YOU seem to have 'seized the day' at every opportunity.CJ

miruspeg said...

Deb - The feeling is mutual, I love dropping in on your blog. Your last post in particular with the 2 sets of twins on the beach just melted my heart..priceless photos.

Healingstones - I have been to NZ twice and would love to visit again and catch up with you and your family.

Mark - Talk about being a teacher, your posts with Bagman and Butler running the show is ALWAYS a joy to read.

Sarah - I know where you are coming from; it is the wisdom and joy about aging when we do not have to worry too much about what other people think and "run with the bulls" if we wish to.

Cazjane - I think you do "seize the day" more often than you realise; at least that is my perspective of the person you are now. Sometimes others see change in us long before we do ourselves.
I am making a conscious effort to make up for all those lost years when I did not "seize the day"...I know I have to power in me to achieve this.


avtcoach said...

Greetings my friend, a wonderful post and perfect words! I find myself without words these days...more by email later!
Love the picture of you and your friend, your spirit is so relecting in this photo!

mscherrylane said...

Hi Peggy,

I really enjoyed this post of yours...and I am also a big fan of Dead Poet's and the saying Carpe Diem! (Just still have to overcome my inner little chicken LOL)

I have progressed out of wearing black every day to the occasional adventures into lighter, brighter colours LOL my favourite are heart chakra greens and the occasional root chakra I guess you are drawn to the colours you need most...

"Mac" ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh Peggy this is beautiful! I loved that movie! I remember watching it and being profoundly moved. The term Carpe Diem is very important to me. I have learned so much from blogging too...and have come across many great teachers (you being one!). I am finding that each day is a wonderful journey. Instead of chasing a dream, I look forward to seizing each moment. It's been a truly fulfilling way to live.

Giovanna Garcia said...

Hi Peggy

This post really speaks to me, I love the movie Dead Poets Society I watch that movie in class with our English Teacher, at a point of my that I felt no one understood me (my dreams) That movie had left a deep inprint on me.
Thank you for the memories Cheers to "Seize the day"
Giovanna Garcia
Imperfect Action is better than No Action

miruspeg said...

Coach - Remember the saying 'actions speak louder than words', well the space you are in now is just have talked the talk, now you are walking the walk.

Mac - Isn't it wonderful when we see change in ourselves. Those new colours you are wearing have great sexy names...I feel another post coming on about ways of describing different colours. I am also enjoying watching your 'inner little chicken' starting to crow!

Caroline - I must watch that movie again, it has been way too long since I last saw it.
I still dream but the difference now is I feel I have the power to make those dreams a reality by envisioning the dream; internalising the vision; taking daily steps; and pushing through obstacles; until I arrive at my goal.
Thanks for that wonderful compliment too.

Giovanna - It is wonderful to know so many people were touched by this 1989 film and I have just read that it was directed by an Australian called Peter Weir and it won an Oscar for Best Screenplay.

Thanks again everyone who have commented for your wonderful input.

Meow said...

Namaste Peggy,

I thoroughly enjoy reading every word of what you write; it's such a pleasure, always.. And you are so right.. I am trying to learn to seize the day, seize every moment..

Blessed Be,

miruspeg said...

Meow - I can see the changes you are making, it reflects very clearly in your posts....continue to seize the day my dear friend.

SILVER said...

thought i'd better send you a hug before i go missing for a while- good thing of you to save me some trouble of having to hunt you doen later- but that still doesn't mean i won't stalk you when i've got some time.. ;)

Peace to my new friend!!

miruspeg said...

Hey Silver
It's going to be great fun getting to know you....I am partial to a bit of stalking myself.
Hope you have a wonderful break and come back refreshed.

Lance said...

Hi Peggy,

You don't know how much reading this means to me today. I have something coming up in a couple of weeks that is taking me way far outside of my comfort zone. Your statement - "I know it is better to lose on my feet than to play on my knees." - is of much, much comfort, especially, for me. So, know that your words here are helping to make my apprehensions a little less bothersome - and for that I am so thankful to you, Peggy. Thank you!

Lilly said...

Loved the post and all the comments too. Oh you are not only wise but a gifted writer and communicator. I am glad you started your blog too.

I agree we have to be ready for the lessons and our teachers can come from anywhere. I agree that having a blog does make you think about all aspects of your life and see them in a different light. You have a great smile Peggy - there is a real joy in that picture with your friend Cynthia.