Monday, 23 March 2009

The Boss Has Spoken

I was reading an article about an interview with Bruce Springsteen and it really 'hit home' when he was asked the question "Do you still feel like a 12 year old"?

Here is his reply:

"Of course. There is no part of yourself that you leave behind; it can't be done. You can't remove any part of yourself, you can only manage the different parts of yourself.

There's a car, it's filled with people. The 12 years old kid's in the back. So's the 22 year old. So is the 40 year old. So is the 50 year old guy that's done pretty well, so's the 40 year old guy that likes to screw up. So's the 30 year old guy that wants to get his hands on his wheel and put the pedal to the metal, and drive you into a tree.

That's never going to change. Nobody's leaving. Nobody's getting thrown out by the roadside. The doors are shut, locked and sealed, until you go into your box.

But who's driving makes a really big difference about where the car is going. And if the wrong guy's at the wheel, it's crash time.

You want the latest model of yourself at the wheel, the part of you that's sussed some of this out and can drive you someplace where you want to go".

Bravo Bruce, very wise words.....The Boss has spoken!

Joseph and Charlie, March 2007 - One of my favourite photos of these gorgeous Aussie boys.


McMGrad89 said...

Peggy, You had better hope my 40 something self is driving on our vacation and not the 16 year old who ran into the mailbox at the Catholic Church and left before I was seen. I swore my brother to secrecy.

TheChicGeek said...

Hi Peggy :) First off, those are some beautiful Aussie boys. You should be very proud!
The Boss has spoken and very well...couldn't say it any better myself!
Have a Great Day!

Cozyflier said...

Well, I didn't know the Boss was a philosopher! Very wise words.

Those boys are precious. Do you keep them often??

Oh, Love the Snail at the top of the blog! AWESOME!

Gill said...

Great photo - i can see why you love it!
As for the Boss....maybe just maybe i'll let the 35 year old me drive once in a while and strap the 20 year old in the back!!

June Saville said...

Hi Peggy
Thinking about age is just so counter-productive, no matter how old you are.
Just get on with living, I say.
June also in Oz

SILVER said...

Hey Peggy-

there is so much wisdom in that! i think all the ages get in the driver's seat at different times of the day for me..

miruspeg said...

Annemarie - Looks like that story is NOT a secret anymore...I am so going to enjoy travelling with you and we will give your 16 years a drive when we are not near any churches!

Kelly - I am so in love with these boys. They light up my life every time I see them. No relation but I am great friends with their mother.

Carrie - Yes the Boss is quite a philosopher as well as a great singer/songwriter. Glad you enjoyed the snail photo, I had great fun taking lots of shots of him/her.
Joseph, the younger boy I have been looking after each Monday since he was born....2 1/2 years ago.

Gill - When I drive I definitely go in and out of different ages. Sometimes I have the music up so loud and sing like a 20 year old....but drive very sedately.

June - Totally agree, you are only as old as you feel. But I do love remembering being all those different ages.

Silver - Bruce is a very wise man. It was an inspiring article to read. You sound exactly like me, I take all my ages with me as well when I am driving....always prepared for fun, adventure and hopefully alert at all times.


AVT Coach said...

A modern day philosopher it seems!

Anonymous said...

Oh good food for thought here. Thankfully my almost 40 self is at the wheel most of the time. But I like to let my 20 something self out open, good musics, fancy free ;).

Love the pics of the boys...and the little one in the back. Love that smile!

Octamom said...

What an awesome statement! So much truth!~


Butler and Bagman said...

I love the car analogy. I think my car is probably like those tiny little circus cars where they stop and 150 clowns pile out! I agree that we need to let the latest version of ourselves drive. But sometimes I let my 8 year old sit on my lap and take the wheel although I'm still in control of the brake and my hands hover over his.

Anonymous said...

Wow that is profound! Has he been to Zen school? Bruce has been around the block a few times - and still rockin!

miruspeg said...

Coach, Caroline, Julie, Mark, Healingstones, thanks for your input.
I love reading your comments...they make me smile, laugh and give me more food for thought.

Fly Girl said...

Hi Peggy! I enjoyed Bruce's thoughts.... and Annemarie's confession! I was in my 20s when I ran my VW into a telephone pole as I was reaching to retrieve a teddy bear that had fallen to the floorboard.

Those two Aussie boys are darling... love their smiles!

Roban P.S. The songs are great!

miruspeg said...

Oh dear Roban I hope you weren't injured. I am sure we all have stories of "pranging" our cars.
I had several VW's in my 20's and you only had to sneeze on them and it would put a dent in them.

Silver said...

:) what a sweet lady you are.

You are a reflection of love and kindness!

jenX67 said...

I've been a big Springsteen fan for years. It was nice to read this. I hadn't heard it before.

Lilly said...

Peggy, now that photo is adorable and I love the little one chilled out in the back with his feet up relaxing while big brother takes him for a ride. Gorgeous!

Bruce Sprinsteen, was a hero of mine for a long time. Interesting and love his slant on it all. He is right the various experiences all have to lead us to the place we are now. I guess its all about taking the good from the past and living in the present. I am sure Bruce has some stories to tell of about the various stages in his life too.

Anonymous said...

Hi Peg, what a nice picture of your Aussie boys. I see they are wearing the same (slippers) "crocs" as we are. Do you also call them crocs? It was a nice surprise to hear from you again. We have been very busy renovating our attic. We are still in the phase of emptying it, what a job! The goal is to renovate it completely and hope to have a ZEN attic before winter. We had some beautiful days already, since spring has started now. So we enjoy being out a lot as well. Not so much time to scrap now. Nice picture of your mother, my mother just celebrated her 75th Birthday.

Great words from Bruce, one of my favourites too! We'll keep in touch and hope to hear from you soon. Hugs, Alida & C°

Anonymous said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.