Saturday, 6 September 2008

A Cats Life

These two little darlings (well not so little anymore, but still darlings) are totally spoiled (as every cat should be) and lead a very busy life.
At 5am they are either playing tag up and over my bed or if I have locked them out of the bedroom they will scratch on the door, or if they are outside they will meow outside my bedroom window until I open the door.
I gave up months ago trying to change their habit.....has anyone ever tried to tell a cat what to do!!
As long as I feed them they will let me go back to bed until 7am, which I think is very generous of them.
For the next 9 hours the photographs below tell the story of their busy day!
All said and done, life would be very dull without them and the antics they get up to when they are playing and when they invite the 2 cats next door for a romp up and down my hallway is great fun to watch.

Ellie & Wilson leading a busy life!!!


Fly Girl said...

Ellie and Wilson appear to live a charmed life! I love the mirror image photo of them napping... as well as the other showing double-duty as a pillow!

I've had cats, and love them too, but am presently and most often a dog person. My Scout seems to have your cats' routine down pat!

Anonymous said...

cats and beds are unseprable! We have 1 cat who is "boss" of the bed, no room for the others! It is Maya, and she sleeps at our feet, so that does not bother us. Today, they are all inside, it is raining really hard. Good that they sleep so much. 96 for our blogmeeting now, although we closed the subscriptions, since we had to pay for the meals in advance. People wait until the last minute, even after closing, they still want to subscribe. No idea right now for Miami, since Wim is looking for another job now. It will all depend on that. He will start a course soon for "webmaster" and that should be no problem here to find a job. Hopefully next spring he will have his new job. He used to work in the transport business (logistics) which was too stressful. Bye for now Peg. Hugs, Alida

Fly Girl said...

Your kind comments made my day when I read them (on the post about my student, "T.") I must admit that I've had my struggles with students in the past, and I probably will again in the future.... I'm far, far, far from perfect. But I do try to be the right kind of caring person, and you were sweet very sweet to comment about me.

I love the photo you added to your heading! Very interesting!

Have a great week!