Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Tagged from 8,608 miles away!

I had just about convinced myself to stay away from blogging for at least a couple of days and along comes Octamom and tags me......now if I remember correctly the last time I was tagged was.........no I don't remember!

As I live alone (except for the 2 cats who I am sure if they spoke English would be very pleased to help me out with 7 quirky facts) I will have to do a little lateral thinking and see what I can come up with.

1. I normally lock the front door about 10 minutes before I leave the house via the back door. I have to say out loud 'I am locking the door' because if I don't I have to go back and check if I have locked it......obviously my attention span is shorter than 10 minutes!

2. I take off my seat belt as I round the corner to my house.....you would think I do this to get out of the car quickly when I am in my carport, but no that's not the reason, I haven't figured it out yet!

3. Straighten and puff the cushions on the couch before going to bed, and have to make the bed before leaving the house, even if I am late for work.....I think I must be a neat freak.

4. I always have muesli, yogurt, prunes, banana and a dash of skim milk for breakfast......sounds boring but I just love that combination.....(breakfast is always after I have turned on the computer and checked my email and blog).

5. When my favourite TV shows are on - Criminal Minds, Dr Who, Wire in the Blood - I put the answer machine on and pretend I am not at home......I tell my friends this, so alot of my messages are 'pick up Peggy we know you are at home'.

6. Before blogging and scrapblogging I used to play freecell for hours on the computer. I started at number 1 and to date I am up to 10,920....I would not move onto the next number until I had solved the one I was on. This particular quirk did worry me a bit so I encouraged some of my friends to try it and they got addicted as well so now I don't feel so weird!!

7. Eleven Eleven (11:11): I don't normally mention this phonomen to many people but hey when you are tagged all must be devulged!
I started seeing 11:11 on digital clocks in the 1980's. It made me smile when I saw it but kept it to myself until 1995 when I mentioned it to a close friend.....well she almost fell over and said she had been seeing the same thing and didn't understand the meaning. So we got on the computer and here is what we learned.
11:11 is a wake-up call for lightworkers. Lightworkers are people who signed up for a "green beret" type of mission when they were on the spirit plane (before being incarnated on Earth). What the mission is, in short, is to hold as much Light as possible, as strongly as possible, on this planet.

8. I know I was supposed to list 7 but I am on a roll now and quite enjoying this.......so my final quirky thing is studying Philosophy. I started 2 years ago because I have always been interested in Philosophy and thought if I gain a bit of wisdom along the way that would be a bonus. It has been a wonderful journey and I hope to continue along this road for a long time to come.

My next duty is to tag 7 lovely bloggers but as I only know 6 and rules are made to be broken, here they are:

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Sharmaine said...

well I don't know about random but I have played along :)
Thanks :)
I love Wire in the blood too!! I love Criminal Minds and Dr Who as well but never get to see them as they are on when I am either busy or watching something else

McMGrad89 said...

Way to steal some of the bloggers that I wanted to tag!!!! :-) We do have that in common as well as our love for Criminal Minds. Thanks for your comment about my spreading happiness, and thanks for the TAG. I will have to do this either at lunch or late tonight. I have a skin care class to give this evening.

Fly Girl said...

How fun to read about your quirks! I will certainly share my quirks, but it may have to be this weekend. I am currently sleep deprived because of homework help, paper-grading, blogs, scrapblogs that have glitches in them, and many more things you would probably rather not hear about. (nothing else really... that just sounded good).

I can't believe you played freecell like that. Who would do such a thing? Me? ... yep! Although I played random games, not consecutively. But I would NEVER give up and replay if I couldn't solve it.

My clock thing has been a certain a.m. number, but I haven't done it in a while, so I'm a little foggy with the details. I'm thinking it was 3:33 or something weird like that.

Oh, and I've got it worse than mcmgrad89.... I won't have anyone left to tag! You two, Octamom, Letti, and AVT Coach are about it for me!


Caroline said...

I just love reading these! We all have our funny quirks...but it makes us real. Very interesting about 11:11. I always see 4:44...I mean almost everyday.

Thanks for stopping by...sorry to say...but the addiction of blogging only gets worse with time... :)

Jan said...

Peggy - Tag Duty done! You used up all my blog contacts, unfortunately! Thinking of Australia makes me think - we were at the zoo recently with Evan and saw a baby kangaroo peeking out of the pouch. It was so awesome!

Jan said...

Be sure to check my today's post on my blog....

AVT Coach said...

Check out my Tagged list on Saturday! Thanks for the recognition!

Fly Girl said...

My quirks have been posted! Now I've got to visit the others to see what they came up with.

Your music-thingy is getting better and better. I find myself visiting your place just to hear the music sometimes.

I would love to find some of the music from the 80s. I can't think of any songs or artists, but I had some absolute favorites about the time MTV was getting popular. That mission will have to be for another day!


Anonymous said...

Hi there! That music starting up as I view this has shot me into life- early(ish) Saturday morning here in the U.K.-GREAT SOUND, CRYSTAL CLEAR!
I'm really enjoying your blog-although I can't say I've experienced that 11:11 thing.
All the best

Anonymous said...

I love reading other's quirks... makes me feel better about having posted my own, lol! I lock my doors out loud, have to straighten the couch & bed, and am notorious for screening phone calls during my favorite shows too! Well you know what they say; Strength In Numbers! :o) Blessings, Whitney

McMGrad89 said...

Been watching the clock lately and have yet to see 11:11. Though I would have loved to have noticed what time it was when I saw the angels in my fathers room on the day he passed away. It was quite strange to say the least. As far as clocks go, I always get up at 5:23 even though the alarm is set to got off at 5:33. And I often wake in the middle of the night to times that end in :05.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad I came to your blog! Regarding point 7 on your list. I have a friend who has mentioned seeing this phenomenon. I will tell her your findings - thanks!

Silver said...

wow. I should have checked yours out first so i have a better idea how to do it!

ok, i was smiling over your "quirks".. quite sure i don't have them yet. But i was cracking up when i got to the part where your pretense of not being home didn't work with your smart friends.. they probably can smell you from miles away!

..and then the 11:11 wow. i had a little goosebump on that. Not that it had any special significance on me- just that i am glad you are carrying out that mission exceedingly well, peggy. You are a light and you illuminate and spread a lot of love and cheer wherever you pass.


miruspeg said...

Hey Silver
It was fun for me too reading what I wrote back in September about my quirky behaviour.

I take my Lightworker mission very seriously now and find I am able to spread light without much effort to whoever I feel needs it.

Thanks for taking me on a trip down memory lane.


Chapter Forty said...

I can totally relate to these quirks, fluffing cushions, eating muesli, talking out aloud to aid memory and enjoying wire in the blood. Also have some experience of 11.11, it freaked me out for years, I like your spin on it.

miruspeg said...

Hello Chapter Forty!
Welcome to the 11:11 club, no need to feel freaked out, just shine your light into the universe whenever you see 11:11 on the clock/TV/microwave/stove....