Friday, 29 August 2008

One Week Later

I should be in bed because I have been on the computer for hours replying to my Scrapblog comments and reading other peoples is so addictive Scrapblog!
I only joined Scrapblog in November 2007 to brighten up my Broome and Northern Territory photos and I never would have guessed that I would be drawn into the Scrapblog community and make such wonderful friends from all over the world.
I have even met one in person...MrsPeel (Cynthia) and her daughter Sarita who live in London. They very kindly met the train I was on from Paris and drove me to my second cousins house. We had spoken on the phone several times before we met and Cynthia was exactly what I thought she would be....vivacious, kind and very hospitable.

Weather wise this week have been beautiful......sunny but cold.....I am finally getting used to the cold weather.....wearing more layers of clothes helps!

I finally got all my photos printed of the French barging, London and Paris and bought albums to put them in......all 350! If I can stay off the computer for a while I'll be able to put them in those albums!

Also I was given some lovely photos of Joseph and myself at his 2nd birthday party and if I can figure out how to put them on this blog, that will be something else I have learnt.

Philosophy have been brilliant lately, we are right into the meditation part of it now, so very little stress enters into my world.

Well it is after midnight again.....story of my life!.....

Peggy & Joseph Aug 2008

Joseph jumping into my arms Aug 2008

Peggy & Joseph playing Aug 2008

Joseph having fun at my expense Aug 2008


McMGrad89 said...

Great pics, Peggy.

I am not as politically active as my brother. I do listen to each side. I am quite conservative and effects who I will vote for.

My brother is actually the one who sent me his name in the video first. I thought it was funny, so I posted mine.

I am so glad you found Scrapblog as I did. It is great meeting so many people.

Octamom said...

Hey there, Scrapblog Friend!!! Saw your comments over at FlyGirl and was so excited to see that you had started a blog! Good for you!

As always, your pics of your grandson are so cute!

I look forward to visiting back here and reading your posts!

Sharmaine said...

Hi Peggy :) Just found you in my visior stats so thought I would say hi :) thanks for linking up my blog and for stopping by :)

Octamom said...

Hey There!

Well now I am just giggling at myself--thinking that Joseph is your biological grandchild, I kept thinking how much he looks like you and how your noses are so cute and similar---hee hee!--That said, I know that you are investing all kinds of love and time in this little boy and he will always think of you as a very cherished, special person in his life. What a wonderful gift to have someone like you being his Monday Mamie.


Fly Girl said...

Hi Peggy,

These are such cute pictures of you and Joseph. It's obvious that he loves to see you!

Thanks for the comment about Hannah. She's posed for so many pictures, I can barely get a candid of her anymore! That candid-photo-op-ability disappears somewhere around adolescence.

We didn't get to the big Getty museum, which was fine for me for this trip. The Villa provided a perfect afternoon.

Sharmaine said...

Hi again Peggy :)
The world seems smaller now lol Looking forward to getting to know you too :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Peg,

Thanks for visiting our "spoiled" cats site. I like your blog, where I can read and learn more about you. Autumn is slowly coming here, some days are cold already now. Not so much difference then with Sydney? I have been very busy organising a blog meeting here in Antwerp, our cats have their blog as well.... It will be on September 20th, and we will have 93 people coming. Organising a scrapblog blogmeeting will be much more work, considering the international guests coming. So here, the countdown has started now. I finally found some time again to make a new scrap and hope to answer all comments and reactions soon. Bye for now! Alida