Friday, 22 August 2008

Here goes nothing!!!!

Hello world I have just stepped into the 21st century...........well I have put my big toe in anyway.
It is a cold wet night in Sydney town, the Olympics are on the TV, the cats are on the couch and I'm on the computer........familiar scene for the last couple of weeks.
I am procrastinating about making another Scrapblog........I enjoy looking at the other scrapblogs so much that it is time for bed when I think to start.
Our philosophy class has now moved onto meditation so thats where I should head now and clear my mind and get some sleep.


McMGrad89 said...

Welcome!!! I am so glad to see you have started your blog. Can't wait to see what ramblings you have to share with us.

PS thanks for reading about Cait's first day of school.

Fly Girl said...

Hi Peg! I was just about to e-mail you when I decided I should figure out what my blog address is first... and you were already here! My blog's not getting much input from me at the moment. Isn't it hard to juggle all of these creative outlets... much less teaching and being with family! But it's all so much fun, I guess I will continue to try.

Octamom's blog is a huge inspiration. I love how she has a routine going with her JPEG of the week, etc.

You mentioned the CDC study. It was a unique experience. A regular MRI is not too big of a deal. You are just in a round tube-like machine, and you must lay perfectly still while it scans your body (or body part!). I was in the machine for at least an hour each time with a helmet strapped on that had a computer screen attached. I also had a push button control in my hand and had to react to what I saw on the computer screen. Stressful! But that was actually part of what they were studying.

I'll e-mail you in case you have other questions. Your evening at home sounded very inviting. My evening was spent at the kitchen table grading papers and entering grades. Hannah and our dog sat with me while Hannah did her homework.


Fly Girl said...

oops, I didn't mean to leave a book just then!

June Saville said...

It is interesting to look back isn't it? I let my blog anniversaries go by without recognition ... an error I think.
Anyway, well done you!
June also in Oz