Saturday, 31 October 2015

My Endeavour

To appreciate what comes.

To be curious.

To talk to the monsters.

To dance dance dance!

(The Ting Tings - now playing - certainly help with the dancing)

"The irony of commitment is that it's deeply liberating -- in work, in play, in love."
~~ Anne Morriss

Had another glorious day at Sculpture by the Sea in Bondi, Sydney on Thursday. Perfect weather and fabulous sculptures.  This one was created by Ben Fasham from Victoria, Australia

This sculpture by Mike Van Dam from Queensland, Australia is called Intervention.
His statement - "In the early 1970's there were estimated to be fewer than 200 humpback whales left.  Now, with help from us there are more than 20,000"


Christine said...

Lovely to hear from you Peggy!

Mike Smith said...

I spoke to my little monsters on Friday night...aka Jack, Hannah & Ava. Welcome back Peggy!

miruspeg said...

Hello Christine and Mike
It's great to be back blogging and because of friends like you guys I will endeavour to keep posting regularly.
Take care and keep shining. xxxxx

bill lisleman said...

Another lawyers and youtube issue with playing the clip here.
No big deal.
I have no problem staying curious. I'm curious if the Sculpture by the Sea is an annual event or permanent display. Really like the hand helping the whale.

miruspeg said...

Hi Bill
Interesting comment about the legal issues of putting YouTube videos on my blog. I figure if the share button allows me to imbed the video I will use it.

Sculpture by the Sea is an annual event lasting 18 days (22 October - 8 November) and staged on the spectacular 2 km Bondi to Tamarama coastal walk in Sydney. It features over 100 sculptures. This year marks the 19th event and I have been to 16 of them. It is by far my favourite outdoor event held in Australia.

I'll be posting more photos with future blog posts.
Take care my friend. xxxx

Marja said...

ha Peggy Good to see you my friend! Great endeavours: Love the last one dance dance dance. I do sometimes talk to my monsters in my head to scare them away :) I appreciate what comes and was. I have a lot to be appreciative for at the moment and curious.........very important Have to do that more

Love the sculptures

miruspeg said...

Hey Marja
Yes appreciation, dancing, talking to our monsters (I love how you talk to them in your head to scare them away!) are important but I have found being curious is so beneficial.
Like when I am curious about people and the world around it makes my social life richer and I become a better listener and conversationalist.
Also when I experience curiosity, I am willing to leave the familiar and routine and take risks and embrace uncertainty which then turns into the quest to discover, learn and grow.
Keep shining my dear friend.
Peggy xxxx

Good and plenty said...

I so loved the sculptures and the success of increasing the humpback whale population. Good to have you back.

miruspeg said...

Hi Candelaria
It's a wonderful good news story about the whales.
Enjoying being back blogging.
Peggy xxxx