Tuesday, 17 November 2015


Let us consistently choose the single goal of peace rather than multiple goals that lead to conflict.

Let us continue to practice forgiveness.

Let us look lovingly upon the present, for it holds only knowledge that is forever true.

Let us continue to be involved in a process of personal transformation in which we are only concerned about giving and not about getting.

Let us be the love and light the world so desperately needs.
"If you're waiting for the right time......time never comes, time only goes"
~~ Azereth Skivel

Sculpture at Rookwood Cemetery, Sydney - September 2014 by Peter Tilley - He called this sculpture "Hesitation"


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Very cool!

Christine said...

love your thoughts Peggy, they are comforting.

bill lisleman said...

The recent attack in Paris triggers emotions of shock, sadness, and anger. Anger is probably harder to control and easier to spread than love. I don't believe you can stop these terrorists with love but uncontrolled widespread anger might just create more terrorist. Certainly anger combined with ignorance and xenophobia is bad combination that does no good.

Mike Smith said...

Brilliant, as always, Peggy. You're a diamond.

Good and plenty said...

We so need peace in the world and in the USA. I don't know what it will take to rid human beings of the need to commit violence and to justify it. There are people who've committed to peace who've had the same horrors visited upon them as those who've committed to violence. There is so much that needs doing in this world. It would be wonderful if the energy that is put into hatred could be redirected to building. It means we all have to let go of the past - not forget it - but let it go because we cannot turn back the hands of time. My sermon for today. lol.

Linda said...

Beautiful and inspiring! Thank you so much for sharing.

Marja said...

You are an inspiration Peggy. Thanks for the wise words Not only to take in but to internalise and to be made in a growing part of life. Then the world will know peace.