Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Take the Leap - Go Forth

Often the more money and material goods we have, the more we want - and the less they bring us satisfaction. I've come to realise the real key to feeling good is to give and keep on giving. When we stop putting a monetary value on what we do, it can be immensely liberating.

We also have an obsession with happiness as though it were yet another purchasable product.

As a child I once tried to stand in the end of a rainbow to feel the colours on me. I ran back and forth across a wet field with friends shouting directions across the cow pats.

But rainbows can't be seen from close up. The irony of happiness as a product is that it disappears when we look directly at it, as ephemeral as that rainbow.

When we are young we jump into a pool whether we can swim or not. We have no fear.  Either we swim or we drown.
Before the age of 30 important things happen to us which shape the rest of our lives.  We become aware of ourselves and our own thinking.  We reach the age of reason.  In our new-found maturity we begin to think in a more adult way. We become grown up! Recklessness and risk are not compatible with age.  Risk becomes something which must be carefully considered.

Or is it!!!

We all have a negative voice in our heads that stops us from taking risks. Ask yourself what you really have to lose. Most of the time it's about ego and less about any real loss. Go first. Have the courage to do something before waiting to see if others are willing.

“Two bubbles found they had rainbows on their curves.
They flickered out saying:
"It was worth being a bubble, just to have held that rainbow thirty seconds.”

~~ Carl Sandburg

I was out walking with a friend around Palm Beach in Sydney and this Magpie came up to us and seemed to have some advice to offer.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Wise words. But don't listen to magpies. They're con artists.

Christine said...

Thanks for the advice, not an easy thing to do!

miruspeg said...

@Debra - I never realised Magpies were con artists! I know they can be very aggressive during breeding season, I have been dive bombed by several over the years. This one in the picture was very friendly.
Thanks for stopping by my friend. xxxxx

@Christine - No my advice is certainly easier to type than put into practise.
And I am still chasing rainbows in wet fields, I guess I haven't grown up yet, hope I never do!! Take care dear friend. xxxxx

bill lisleman said...

good comparison between rainbows and happiness.
Not sure I would pin the age of reason down to any number. I've seen reasoning pre-schoolers and unreasonable seniors.

miruspeg said...

@Bill - Thanks for the thumbs up for the comparison. And I like your observation between preschoolers and seniors. Young Joseph taught me a great deal when he was a preschooler like enjoying being in the moment.

Mike Smith said...

Fantastic words yet again, Peggy. That magpie - looks rather like the present Mrs Smith...

miruspeg said...

@Mike - Thanks mate. But I'm not sure what to say about your magpie comment.
Take care xxxx

Beautifulsky said...

What did the Magpie say? (Apart from caw caw!) Your post is very wise. It reminds me of the saying 'There is no way to happiness - happiness is the way'. It is possible to be happy in any situation - we just have to look for the rainbow.

miruspeg said...

@Beautifulsky - Well Celia you were with me when we were chatting to that Magpie at Palm Beach in 2011. He was very friendly if I remember correctly.

Being happy in any situation is quite difficult if we live life unconsciously like most of us do.
I am still learning to clear the fog through which I often drift, to see where I’m going, to make conscious choices instead of automatic ones.
Thanks for stopping by my friend. xxxx

BeautifulSky said...

When I say it is 'possible' to be happy in any situation - I should have added that it can be hard, no matter how conscious you are. In some ways being aware can make us think we should find that rainbow easily - but it's not always the case. Maybe it's about not chasing the rainbows but basking in them when they come our way!

Anyways - I came on over here to drag you back to my blog (!) I have a new daily blog! Come see it!!! :o)

miruspeg said...

Celia (Beautiful Sky) I like the way you think! Basking in rainbows when they come our way rather than chasing them.
Dragging myself over to your blog now!! xxxxx

Good and plenty said...

That magpie really did have something to say - didn't it? I love your observation that rainbows can't be seen close-up. I find myself looking back on times when I was happy and didn't realize it because the time was also tough or wasn't everything I wanted. In the past few years, I've been able to be more in the moment and enjoy the happiness I have when I'm experiencing it. Doesn't mean I don't have pity-parties or want a bit more of this or less of that but it does mean I am inhaling the flowers, enjoying the view and appreciating the goodness and beauty and yes - happiness that occurs on a regular basis. Thank you.

miruspeg said...

Hello Candelaria (Good and Plenty)
Thank you muchly for stopping by and sharing your story which you expressed so well. Especially loved the "pity parties" and "inhaling the flowers" expressions.
Living in the moment can be so invigorating, liberating and empowering.
Once again thanks so much for adding to the conversation.
Peggy xxxxx

Marja said...

Great wisdom Peggy. Safety just makes us go around in circles. To open up and enter new grounds makes us come alive. We must keep in touch with our ineer child.

Relyn Lawson said...

Yes. GO. Fly. Run. Try!

miruspeg said...

@Marja and @Relyn - Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.
Keeping in touch with our inner child is so very important and will help us go, fly, run and try!
Warm hugs to both of you.
Peggy xxxx