Sunday, 12 February 2012

Writing a Letter

To sit at a computer-free desk with a pen,

to pull out a sheet of your hand-printed headed notepaper,

to write those first two words "Dear Friend",

and then to pause a while before letting the ink flow onto the page with tales of your doings and your worries,

to fold up the paper,

slip it into an envelope,

write the address out,

stick on the stamp,

drop it into the letter-box,

and then imagine the pleasure that your letter will bring,

the physical pleasure of opening it and reading it at the other end.

- ah, is this not happiness?

"To send a letter is a good way to go somewhere without moving anything but your heart."
~~ Phyllis Theroux

The other day out walking I came across a carving of a lizard in a rock...isn't he beautiful - 8 February 2012, Sydney.


Mike Smith said...

Indeed it is, Peggy. Then finding the damn awful postal service has taken three weeks to deliver it - to the wrong address...

Christine said...

love that lizard, it almost looks like a pre-historic fossilized discovery!

Lovely thoughts on letter writing!

McMGrad89 said...

What a nice find.

Anonymous said...

Yes - it is always nice to go to the mailbox and find a letter - not a bill! Sending someone a letter is like a gift of time - it's like saying 'You are worth spending time on - I've stopped my busy life just to think of you and drop you a line'. But it is finding the time isn't it!!!?

Marja said...

Oh I love letters I keep some of them in a box and once in a blue moon read them. When I just came to NZ phone was expensive and we had no computer so I wrote heaps of letters. Now it is all computing
but that doesn't replace the charm of a letter. See you soon Hugs

Jen said...

It seems to be a lost art but I love writing and receiving letters in the mail. I agree with Stoneweaver in that it's more special because of the time and thought put into it. I use to have penpals from different coutries when I was little. I guess blogging buddies are like modern penpals. Lots of love, Jen

Chapter Forty said...

When my Granny passed away I put a letter I wrote in her coffin with her. I needed to say goodbye somehow.

When my Mum was dying she asked me to write her a letter too. I did and put it in her coffin with her.

Proper letter writing is something my kids wont really ever know about. But they do get into sending cards at Christmas.

Roban said...

I still have a box of letters written to me from a couple of friends who moved away during our childhood. I always loved, loved, getting mail but am not too good about sending it today.

In fact, I'm terrible about it, but the pay-off is so great, isn't it? To make someone smile when they take it out of their box.


Christine said...

Have a lovely trip Peggy!

Good and plenty said...

I collect postcards, stationery, and note cards and send lots of notes and real letters. My grown children especially like the postcards because I usually get ones of places around Boston that remind them of home. I find having paper at the ready and an assortment of colored pens and markers helps me make the time to communicate by post. I loved that book about the two pen pals who never met (something-something Charing Cross Road).
The lizard is incredible.
Thanks, as always, for sharing.

Christine said...

Welcome back Peggy!