Sunday, 23 October 2011

Yin and Yang Worlds

In the yin and yang worlds of work and life you'll often find opposite methods of doing a similar thing.

Usually one is quicker and more efficient.

For instance, take the speedy commuter train verses the dawdling bus.

If the commuter train is spawned from the world of "work" then the bus is surely from the world of "life" and the top deck of a bus, therefore, is a slice of heaven.

The mental map you draw of the landmarks on your journey will soon join up with mental maps of previous journeys - then the once dark and daunting city will become familiar and bright.

From the top deck you can gawk at people milling in the streets below, hide behind shades in the summer sun or doze freely, knowing that a little bell will precede every stop and wake you if your slumber threatens to sink too deep.

"Imagination is more important than knowledge; knowledge is limited, while imagination encircles the universe."
~~ Einstein

My friend Dianne loves her garden and made this "tree face" person to welcome visitors to her house. - October 2011


McMGrad89 said...

Mom and Dad had a tree person in their yard. I miss him. She doesn't have a tree at her new place. Hopefully whoever buys her house will keep him.

Christine said...

interesting observations in our yin and yang world. We have some nice halloween decorations up in our neighbourhood too.

Anonymous said...

I like that idea of yin and yang worlds... Di has lots of imagination and a good sense of humour - I love her 'tree face'. Recently I've been having fun with my imagination - and making something magical! (But I can't tell you here in case anyone sees and it has to be a surprise! But I will tell you about it!)

I like your choice of picture at the top - very yin and yang! Or is it northern and southern hemisphere!?

Mike Smith said...

Heaven isn't quite the word I would use to describe the top deck of an Edinburgh bus!

miruspeg said...

Annemarie - I remember that "tree person" at your mother's place - I really liked it!!

Christine - Thanks! I have been fascinated with Yin and Yang for a long time. I love how both need each other to be in harmony.

Stoneweaver - The header photo is from Sculpture by the Sea, my favourite event to visit each year and it will be extra special this year with you viewing it with me. :-)
The artist Keld Moseholm from Denmark called it "To be or not to be" but I think it is very Yin and Yang.
Can't wait to see your magical surprise!! :D)

Mike - The only doubledecker buses we have in Sydney now are sightseeing buses which explore Sydney's major city attractions and on a lovely sunny day the top deck feels like a slice of heaven!

bill lisleman said...

yin and yang - for me life is very much about balance and this is another way of describing that dynamic balance. But I never thought of it with transportation choices. great observations

miruspeg said...

Thanks Lisleman, pleased you liked my observations!! :D)

Marja said...

Nice post interesting how our life exists of mental maps. I so love that face on the tree Gorgeous.

Just posted a video and discovered on you tube that you shared it too. a coincedence. I think it is worth spreading as it is a great speech.

miruspeg said...

Hi Marja!
It is amazing how much our senses take in over a day but we simply cannot hold that much information in our conscious mind so if we repeat the experience daily we can then appreciate our surrounding much more.

I am so pleased you discovered Charlie Chaplin's speech in "The Great Dictator". I thought it was so relevant for today even though it was written over 70 years ago. Such powerful words written by a brilliant actor.
I bought a copy on DVD and plan to watch it soon.

Anonymous said...

I found a lovely quote for you this morning on yin and yang. It's from the Tao te Ching (verse 45):

But the dialectic of yin and yang
is not illusory.
Activity can overcome cold.
Tranquillity can overcome heat.
And peacefulness is the natural seed
of a violent world.

In true synchronicity, it also ties in with Marja's comment about Chaplin's speech.

(I had to look up dialectic = logical debate, I think. Even the dictionary definition was hard to understand! But studying philosophy, you prob knew anyway!)

miruspeg said...

Your quote by Tao te Ching speaks volumes doesn't it Stoneweaver!

I enjoyed the synchronicity between Marja and myself too, they are very special moments of joy.

The word dialectic was used often in our philosophy classes, especially when we were studying Socrates and Plato.

Thanks for sharing the lovely quote my friend. :D)

Chapter Forty said...

Oh my God I love that Einstein quote.

Yin and Yang are the two sides of the same coin, up down, above below, both get you to the same destination in the end.

Tree face is inspirational and I will now be looking out for eyes noses and mouths to adorn our trees here.

Thankyou Peggy- you always open my mind

miruspeg said...

CF - It is a fantastic quote isn't it! Albert Einstein was not only a physicist, philosopher, humanitarian, pacifist, political agitator, cultural Zionist, he was a formidable writer and very quotable.

My favourite part of writing a post is looking for suitable quotes.

I am very pleased you are inspired by Dianne's "tree face" because I take so many ideas away after reading your blog.....especially to pass onto Joseph. :-)

Can-Can said...

I am a big user of public transportation - train and bus although not commuter rail because I live in the city. It's a great observation post for a writer, a fantastic way to see the life of the city and the changes over time, and allows me to pretend that I have a personal chauffeur. Plus, I get to read a lot. Perfection. Thanks, as always, for your post.

miruspeg said...

Candelaria - I like how you pretend you have a personal chauffeur, I have never looked at buses and trains that way!

I also love observing people and the scenery when I travel on public transport, unlike most other commuters who are glued to their phones/ipads/computers!