Friday, 25 February 2011

Adaptation and Change

We work on what we need to learn

And while it's a healthy practice sometimes it sucks to be in it.

So we create safe rooms and we dance our patterns and we talk to our monsters.

We give legitimacy to the part of us who doesn't want anything to change and the part who wishes everything would change faster already.

And then we move some more things around.

Change is a given. And it’s often also incredibly uncomfortable.

There is really only one thing more important than change. And that’s the ability to adapt to it. Adaptation!

Adaptation is an intentional practice. Sometimes I will intentionally mix things up more than necessary, just to jumpstart that process of adapting.

That is why ....We work on what we need to learn!

"It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change."
— Charles Darwin

I took this photo while trekking in New Zealand on the Banks Peninsula track in January 2011


McMGrad89 said...

No, I won't do it. I refuse to change. I want the world to change for me.

Huh? What's that you say?? That's not going to work? Well, okay, I guess I will try changing...a little.

Love seeing a post from you. Watch out, you know how addicting it is.

Hugs, Annemarie

miruspeg said...

Annemarie how apt for you to be the first person to comment on my post after my lonnnng absence.
Thanks for always making me smile, love your humour dear friend.

Hope you adapt with ease when you move to Missouri.
I will visit you in 2012 on my way home from Canada. I'm popping in to see Roban too.

Big hugs back to you.
Peg xxxxx

Who you callin' housewife? said...

I've been looking for some good change to adapt to. Some bad change has found me & I'm not adapting to that very well. I'll just keep looking.

Christine said...

so nice to have a post from you Peggy! I am very uncomfortable with change but good at adapting to it, I think. We just found a bat in our basement for example. I called pest control and the next move is to get my husband to throw a towel over him and put him gently outside! The good side is that they are thought to bring good luck!

Cozyflier said...

Hello friend! I have to adapt to having number 2 son move back home! 1 semester of college and he is trying to find himself and figure out what life holds for him. Change is always part of our life and that is what makes life one big adventure!

So good to see a blog from you.


miruspeg said...

This is what I LOVE about blogging, we share our stories not only in our posts but with our comments too.

Thank you so much Housewife, Christine and Carrie for adding interesting tales relating to the post.

As always I send my love back to each one of you.

Keep adapting!

Cameron said...

Hi Peggy!!!

So glad to hear from you again...and Stevie in the background, so perfect!

I don't like change...but when it is becomes empowering....a willing participant in a new adventure :)

miruspeg said...

Hi Cameron!
It is great to be back and I am glad you are enjoying my music....Stevie goes so well with my posts, I love her voice, the lyrics and the beat.

Yes change can be empowering if we don't fight against it.
Here is another quote to urge us on:
"If we don't change, we don't grow. If we don't grow, we aren't really living".
~~ Gail Sheehy

Anonymous said...

Change is great when one is young. I welcome changes and expects it because i was often restless. Now, i like familiarity. That's got to change a little, don't you think?



A California Bird said...

You know what...I post on my "other" blogs so that one day if I die family and loved ones can see some of what I thought along the way. I am not a terrific writer and hardly even a good one. Your work is good enough that I think one day you could easily put it together into a book. You have achieved not only good thoughts here, but a "brand." Your blogging has real "character" and there are not too many that do. CHARGE ON!

archeoms said...

From deep in the depths of inactivity emerges a woman who will no longer accept that this country will be devoured by the greedy. I marched against the Governors' attempt to kill the State Union of teachers by citing budget deficits that he created and lying in so many ways. Something finally snapped and even tho I do not gain from this fight, I know that it is imperative. More than 70,000 peaceful people came together to protest this act of agression against a teaching system that is second in the nation in quality. I've never marched before and it was awesome. This may sound rowdy to you all but the time has come to stand for the people being harmed by these created emergencies. I, like so many others have been on the sidelines tooo long. It has been a real awakening for good to so many people and I'm so proud of them. Even the Police are smiling and supporting the teachers. People from all over the world are sending Pizzas to the protesters in the Capital Building, I love that. Do you think there is an awakening coming?..I mean worldwide, people taking a stand against Evil..I've been praying for that and it seems to have begun. I saw a Libyan Man throw his body over a mercenary who had been killing people, to protect him from an angry mob. What a miraculous site, such bravery and humanity, it reminded me of the man in Tienamin Square in China standing in front of the tank....there is goodness everywhere taking a stand. I hold my breath in Awe and pray that it all comes to goodness and light.

miruspeg said...

Fel - Like you I wanted change all the time when I was younger. I changed my job often, my boyfriends, my hairstyle etc etc then I think I went through a stagnant stage. Now I am past my middle years I am embracing change again.
I have read recently about a seven year cycle. The article suggested the 49th year gives us the opportunity to approach letting go in small ways, so that we are more prepared for that wonderful time that the seven-year cycle of 56 will bring us. It was spot on for me at 56. :-)

miruspeg said...

Ninette (California Bird) - You are selling yourself short my friend when it comes to writing. Your writing and photography touches so many people and what I especially love about your blogs is they are evolving all the time.
I am often inspired by your words on your "Love Your Life" blog as I am sure your family will be when they read it.

I have been thinking of publishing a book from some of my blog posts, just trying to find enough time to put it together. Thank you for your generous words of encouragement, they are much appreciated. :-)

miruspeg said...

Patty (archeoms) - What a fantastic story! I loved reading that first line "From deep in the depth of inactivity emerges a women who will no longer accept....." more power to you my friend.

Every person who stands up for a cause they believe in gets my seal of approval. Back in the 70's, 80's and 90's I protested by marching in many peaceful demonstrations. It felt really good to stand up and be counted.

I have no idea if an awakening is coming or not but I do know there is goodness everywhere even in the worse circumstances there is always a kernel of good that shines through.
Think of an absolutely dark room, if you light a match, that match shines through almost brilliantly. That is the way goodness is. :-)

Mike Smith said...

Welcome back Peggy! And wise words as usual.

avtcoach said...

Dear Peggy, so glad you are posting again, I loved reading your post!!! I just think blogging is in our soul! I am working in revamping my blog, hopefully when I return from Saipan. I'll only be a 7 hr flight from you! Lot of changes for me, I'm still working on the freedom part of change.

Rhonda Murr said...

What a beautiful blog Peggy!! Just like you. :O)
xxx!!!! Rhonda

miruspeg said...

Mike - Thanks my young Scottish mate! Hope you have recovered from your birthday celebrations.

Wendy (avtcoach) - Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. I know you must be up to your eyeballs organising your trip to Saipan and all your other activities and commitments.
I think you have hit the nail on the head when you say 'blogging is in our soul'. Blogging can be very theraputic and extremely cathartic.
Hope you are making inroads with your word "Freedom". I am back to blogging so I can learn more about my word "Sharing". :-)

Rhonda - What a lovely comment, thank you so much. :D) Are you thinking of starting a blog?

T's Daily Treasures said...

Hi Peggy, how wonderful to return from Sri Lanka to check comments on my blog and find a birthday greeting from you. :) So glad to hear that all is well with you. Change is inevitable so no sense in fighting against it. I've learned to just go with the flow (except when it comes to driving with the whackos in this country -- HA!) Best wishes to you, Tammy

Chapter Forty said...

Yeah you're back, not that you really ever left me.

I agree about us being in cycles of accepting change and resisting it. I too rushed into change at any chance as a younger woman, now I find myself more hesitant, reluctant and not able to adapt well, with little confidence and no smile. My theory is that it has to do with responsibility, too little kids are a big drain on my adaptations to change.

Marja said...

HI Peggy I am so happy you are back in Blogging land to be an inspiration again. Lots of change and adaptation here. In the long term it will all be good and change makes you a lot stronger.
I am planning to make a bucket list as well to be able to look forwards to some exciting things. Just have to do a lot of thinking about it. Arohanui marja

Genny said...

It's great to "see" you again, Peggy! I am one of those people that thrives on change, but I admit, when it is change I don't necessarily like, it can be hard!

miruspeg said...

Tammy - Hope you had a lovely time in Sri Lanka and hope all is well in your country with so much unrest in the world at the moment.
Birthdays are such special days, I try and extend mine over 2 weeks.
Regarding change, like you, I tend to go with the flow these days too, I guess that is what age and experience teaches us. :0)

Chapter Forty - I believe you are adapting very well. Raising 2 young children is one of the most difficult jobs around today for they are constantly changing and keeping up is very exhausting.

A few months ago I read a book that posed a couple of questions that I now put into practise.
Each morning when I wake up I'm faced with an important decision: Will I choose to be happy or will I choose not to be happy with whatever life gives me that day.

It is a conscious choice whether we get "from the day" or just "get through the day". I am amazed at the change in how I problem-solve.
So keep smiling and you will find you will start to shine again. :D)

miruspeg said...

Marja - I was thinking about all the people in Christchurch when I wrote this post. I have no idea how you are all going to adapt to the devastation, but with everyone pulling together you will rebuid your lives and the city. I plan on coming over again later on in the year to do the 'Free Hugs' again and this time we will make sure you are available to join us.

I am glad you are going to make a bucket list, it really is a great way to maintain and map out our wants and goals in life and having it on the blog we get to read it every day!
Take care dear friend. :-)

Genny - How wonderful to "see" your face appear on my blog. I am looking forward to connecting with you again after such a looonnnng time.
Yes change is exciting when it offers us opportunities and adventures but when it throws us a curve ball we weren't expecting, that is when we have to learn to adapt to our new situation and not let it knock us down, which can be very challenging.

Evil Shannanigans said...

I am resistant to change, but I can always adapt. I generally find that the change is never as bad as I initially thought.
I guess change is just hard because it is something unknown. Kudos on the Darwin quote

miruspeg said...

Shannon - You are correct in saying change is difficult for some people because it is unknown.

I read a book to Joseph the other day called "The Caterpillar That Wouldn't Change". It is about two caterpillars, one who is looking forward to changing into a butterfly and the other who does not want to change into some strange creature.

Change is not about changing for the change’s sake, it’s about becoming the person we’re supposed to be.

Thanks for the kudos about the quote. :D)

Roban said...


I'm so glad you're blogging again. I hope I can rearrange my life a bit, so I can visit more often. Change is not something I'm good at accepting.... at all. But I do try to adapt and move on once I see that change is inevitable.

I'm so looking forward to your visit and hope we can make it a little longer than a "popping in!" And if Annemarie, Julie, and Wendy can manage a trip to my part of the country, we can make it a reunion!

miruspeg said...

Hello Roban!
Thanks for stopping by, I know how busy you are being a teacher as well as a wife and mother.

I think if we did a survey we would find a large percentage of people find change difficult to accept. So many of us are creatures of habit and have a great need for structure and routine; disruptions in our routine can wreak havoc on us.

I am soooo looking forward to meeting you too and when it gets closer to the time we may just be able to pull off a reunion with Annemarie, Wendy and Julie.....fingers crossed!

Debra W said...

How joyful I feel returning to your little corner of the blogging world! I wish I could bring you some fresh flowers and a plate of homemade cookies!

Change is sometimes the most difficult thing to accept. So many of us struggle with this, so many of us suffer because of it. But if we take a moment to breathe deeply and open our hearts to all that is new, then we might find an even better calm than ever.

So happy to be here, my dear angel friend!

Big hugs and lots of love,