Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Pay It Forward Day

Thursday April 29, 2010 - Pay It Forward Day

Please join me on Thursday and lets create a ripple effect that will last all year.....until 2011 when we can do it all Ground Hog Day!

One good deed might not seem like much, but if everyone did something good for someone else then the cycle of generosity and kindness can spark us to become better people.

Operating on the premise that we all have it in our power to help another, one individual truly can change the world.

A day of great is that! And kindness is contagious!

"They say don’t believe your own hype, but if you don’t why would anyone else? To be great you have to believe you can do great things."
~~ Charley Johnson

Photo taken at Sculpture by the Sea, Nov 2008


HappyOrganist said...

oh oh oh! What do you think all the hats were that I mailed out? sorry I didn't send one to you -you expressed no interest)

paying it forward ;DDD

Also, not to brag about our neighborhood, but that's all we do when it comes to watching each other's kids - we pay it forward. I'll watch your kids, you watch Suzie's, she'll watch so-and-so's, and so-and-so will be available (coincidentally) to babysit my kids when I need it.
I must say - it works.

Christine said...

well I just printed and mailed some 4 year old photos of a vacation we took together, to my sister in California as a total surprise. Does that count? (-:

HappyOrganist said...

That counts =D

Chapter Forty said...

This is a wonderful idea and such a simple way to make the world a better place. I absolutely adore the imag ne sculpture.

Robyn said...

Hello :)

I like what you are saying here and it is a good thing to keep in mind for each day of life.
It's not difficult to be kind.

best wishes

Anonymous said...

That's tomorrow, right? Phew, time to stay grumpy today (!) Only kidding - it actually takes more effort to be grumpy! A little kindness goes a long way. I will pay speciall attention tomorrow - see how many smiles I can collect!

Anonymous said...

Hey - I found this link:

You can get cards to print out and give alongside your PIF gift, to explain it to others and encourage them to follow on :o)

Marja said...

oh great idea I love the movie Saw it recently again on tv
A bit late for me but I helped a lot of people today at work.
I know it is my job but there is a diffence I think in how you can do it.
Have a great weekend

Cozyflier said...

Wonderful idea Peggy, love it!

Mike Smith said...

If only everyone had your kind heart, Peggy!

Beth Niquette said...

Sounds good to me!!! You're on!


Have a perfectly marvelous day!

Anonymous said...

Great idea and an excellent quote.

miruspeg said...

Thanks lovely people, you all just made my day that much brighter.
Give yourself a big hug from ME!