Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

When I look back there will be things I will regret.

I made the wrong decision.


I made the right decision.

Life is about decisions.

1. Am I going to have the practical car or the fast car?

2. Shall I go to college or get a job?

3. Will I have wine, beer or water?

Whatever decision I make is the only one I could make.

Otherwise I would make a different one.

Everything I do I choose.

So what is there to regret?

I am the person I chose to be!

I choose to live on my own so if I need a photo I have to take it myself! 16 April 2009


McMGrad89 said...

Well, that is an interesting way to look at it. I still think you can regret your choices only so that you don't make the same poor choice again. You do, however, have to forgive yourself for making poor choices that may have had a negative impact on your life. Otherwise you spend your life looking backward and not forward - living a the life a victim, a victim of your poor choices.

Likewise, you have to remember the good choices you make, but cannot rest on your laurels saying, "Look at that wonderful choice I made way back in 1977," and then never make another good choice again.

BTW - great photo of yourself.

jen said...

You are such a beautiful person.

Loving Annie said...

I've made a lot of INEFFECTIVE decisions. I choose to think of them that way, rather than right or wrong.
Thing is now, I try to think ahead, so my choices support me more in my decision making process than they did when I was younger and not so aware of personal responsibility having an impact...

Cozyflier said...

Well, when we need to make a MAJOR decision we sit down with pen and paper and list the pros and cons of such a decision!!

But you are right, everyday we make thousands of decisions. That is why the thought of time travel is so provocative!

Hey, get yourself a little wobbly tripod, they are great!! sells them!

Cozyflier said...

ASESOME title photo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Butler and Bagman said...

Every decision gives and takes away. Two roads in the yellow wood and all that. And I love the photo! Nice smile.

Fly Girl said...

First of all, you took a great photo of yourself! Your personality seems to shine through :-)

Decisions... oh, my, how I hate making decisions. I try not to make them, thus I have no mistakes to regret!! Seriously, I weigh choices to death. I guess it's the perfectionist tendency and desire to do the RIGHT thing, make the RIGHT choice, all of the time. I've been trying to decide on which master's degree program to enter for YEARS! See what I mean?

And that's just the tip of the iceberg!


Fly Girl said...

Looks like Joseph had a wonderful time at Dee Why Beach!

miruspeg said...

I wanted this post to be a little controversial, so "sock it to me" folks.
I will be back tomorrow to read more of your thoughts.
Remember to keep smiling.

Sarah Lulu said...

That is a lovely photo.

Never regret anything that made you smile...

I am like you and I believe whatever we decided was right for then.

AVT Coach said...

I am liking this big idea in this little post. I agree with you and here is why. The person we are at the time just before the "choice" is the one with the mind of the one making the choice. A mind/soul with a set of experiences and knowledge of the time, no more/no less. We think, we rationalize..or not and then we choose. Later through more experiences, maybe more reading, more days of life under our belts, and the benefit of relationships with people who challenge us and teach us then we prepare again to make another choice, and we make it but as very different minds/souls. It has been this way with my own experience, so yes, we made the decisions at the time with the best mind and information we had at the time, and therefore, we cannot regret that we were wiser, smarter, older, ...we can and should only accept who we were at the time. I think this could potentially free us to go confidently into the world and DECIDE!! :) (clear as mud?) Can you tell I miss blogging!

miss amy said...

Great post!
Sometimes the worst decisions that I've made have come with the greatest lessons in my life.

Hybrid J said...

What a powerful declaration! It touched my heart as I also chose to be on my own (well with my dog) and became my own person.

I'm a Hybrid becasue I'm the first of my kind! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi there that pic! I just wrote a post about honoring your path (see we did it again...). This is just where we are supposed to be. Right now. No regrets. Don't like where you are? Then take the first step toward change! word verification: unstuck

Anonymous said...

True - sometimes a decision of any kind is better than no decision. I was watching 'Touching the Void' the other night (the one about the climber who fell off a mountain when his partner (had to) cut the rope). Well, he spent an awful night in a crevace, hanging off a rope pegged into a wall of ice and he said that in such circumstances you HAVE to make a decision. If he hadn't he would have definitely died - so he decided to go down the rope and see where it led. The whole story is about making decisions. His partner cut the rope - but if he hadn't made that decision he would have been pulled off the mountain too and they probably BOTH would have died.
As for decisions regarding alcohol - yeah, when we make the decision to drink it we must also 'decide' to have a hangover in the morning ;o)

Lilly said...

I agree with Jen you are a beautiful person inside and out. You ahve a gorgeous smile - truly alive! We do the best we can and sometimes our decisions are not the right ones. We live and learn. As Ronan says, life is a rollercoaster don't fight it! I made the decision to drink a glass of wine each night on strict instructions.

miruspeg said...

Thank you one and all for your fabulous have given me so much food for thought, I appreciate your wise words.

Thanks also for your kind words about my photo.....I was having a "good hair day" and thought I had better capture it while I had the chance.


Cathy said...

lovely post as always.
you take lovely photo's to. I cant seem to work out how to follow your blog, using my blog account. but I'm here, even if I dont post lol

Monica said...

We have so major decisions to make up ahead. On the one hand it is scary, and on the other the adventure is exciting!

miruspeg said...

Yes Monica scary and exciting usually go hand in hand...enjoy the journey my friend.

Silver said...

controversial is good.. hehe

just love you for ..everything about you!

btw, i find that it's much easier to take shots of myself with my handphone camera than the conventional digital camera.

yeah..i take my own pics too... well, at least that makes two of us now..not so bad!!

much love!

miruspeg said...

I have to "fess up" Silver....I live in the dark ages and my cell/mobile phone does not have a camera included! :-P :-D

Much love back to you.

Lance said...

Hi Peggy,
Choices...we all make them. And because of those choices, our life is as it is. And the thing is, if we want to change, we can choose to do that to. That's the message I'm getting here - that we can always choose...and that's a liberating thought!

Jan said...

Peggy, I loved reading this post! What a great way to look at things. It's another way, I guess of seeing the glass half full instead of half empty - or so it seems to me. When we moved back to Cleveland, I made some ruthless decisions about getting rid of things. A few months later, I looked back and regretted donating some of the items. Now, interestingly enough, I can't remember what the donated items were, so I guess they weren't all that important. And those decisions I made did give me a bit more peace in my life - less stuff/more peace (at least for me). I LOVE the picture you took of yourself. Your postings are always so helpful to me!! Thank you again! Love, Jan

miruspeg said...

Lance - Yes choice can be a very liberating/powerful tool and AVT Coach summed it up very well in her comment above.
Also when people like yourself write inspiring posts that offer us different ways of thinking it "frees us to go confidently into the world and DECIDE".

miruspeg said...

Jan - I ALWAYS think of the glass as half full and if it gets below that I top it
I really do believe we make the right decisions most of the time especially when it comes to our is important to lighten the load we carry.
Exciting times ahead for you Jan in your new home.....enjoy!
Much love

laughingwolf said...

hi peg... here via hybrid j :)

miruspeg said...

Hello back to you your name!
I am going to enjoy building an online creative community with you, Hybrid and the others.

laughingwolf said...

i KNOW it's gonna work out wonderfully well :)

Paula & Skip said...

HI, a very interesting view point. Surely I made a few "wrong" decisions which I considered appropriate at first. Had to go back and recosnider and decide differently. A hard but effective way to learn. However I think that your viewpoint might save you a lot of worries. Paula

miruspeg said...

Paula - Yes you have hit the nail on the head. Once we have made a decision whether right or wrong worrying is not going to change the outcome of the situation. I just try and learn from my mistakes.

Hybrid J said...

Hi Peggy,

Thank you so much for sharing your "The Light" post with me. It helped to steady my steps forward. Blessed be ... :)

Lilly said...

Just dropped by to hear your sound track as I blog. Err, you'd think I would do my own but....ok I admit, I am lazy. Have a good day.

Ces said...

Heheheh! You are so cute. My children and husband sometimes act up when I tell them to pose for photos but most of the time they oblige. My father was a photographer and in order for him to join is he set up the camera on timer or with an extended presser so I am used to taking my own photos.

As for decisions, why not have both if you can, except for the alcoholic beverages. I can't drink because half a glass of wine will make me fall asleep and I don't want to miss out on the fun!