Tuesday, 3 March 2020

Writing from the Heart

The easiest way to write from the heart is when you’re having a day or period of time when you are full of emotion.
Also writing from the heart requires you to write about something you’re passionate about.
Your heart can’t speak its truth if you only want to be and appear strong and look good and shiny.
The reason is because so much of the world is based on hype and things that are not real. When you are vulnerable, you naturally write from the heart.
Being vulnerable in writing and in life is not very common. People listen when you’re vulnerable, and you speak what you believe to be the truth. Vulnerability can create immense power, and it’s that power that you can use to change your world.

“Don’t write what you know—what you know may bore you, and thus bore your readers. Write about what interests you—and interests you deeply—and your readers will catch fire at your words.” 
  Valerie Sherwood  

Taken at Sculpture by the Sea, Bondi, Sydney Oct 2019. The sculpture is called Floating, Grounded Figure by Greg Johns.


Christine said...

This is great advice, even for blog posts. Hello Peggy!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Putting your "2020 word" to good use, I see!

miruspeg said...

Hi Christine and Debra
Thanks for always stopping by you lovely Canucks and leaving a comment.
I "heart" you both.
Peggy xxxx

Bill Lisleman said...

Good song selection! One of my favorites.
You mentioned hype. Over hyped stuff drives me nuts. Most of the time it comes from people just trying to increase sales.
Vulnerable and expressing your feelings shows your reality to others.
I try to write light, sometimes funny blog posts. That type of writing probably doesn't fit your idea here in this post. That's fine. I understand we need both serious and silly.
I know you read my post about the passing of my uncle. Now that post fits your idea here very well. The words spoken by myself and others at the funeral certainly came from broken hearts. You are right every speech was very real.
What I find tough (slightly ironic?) is the difficulty in trying to express a very emotional feeling that you just can't find words to describe it. Maybe that's why we have poets and lyricists.

miruspeg said...

Thanks for adding your input Bill, your comments are always read with interest.
I really enjoy reading your blog posts because I normally always learn something or have a good laugh! We both love music too so I look forward to your YouTube selection.

You made an interesting observation about expressing our very emotional feelings......I agree poets and lyricists certainly assist us in that area.

Take care my friend
Peggy xxx

Beautiful Sky said...

An interesting post - and so true. The heart is wiser than the mind - it connects to the source that connects us all. Tuning in to the heart can help us to speak our truth - it trains the mind!

miruspeg said...

Hey Celia (Beautiful Sky)
I agree the heart is wiser than the mind (some would disagree with that statement).
It is actually a source of great richness, I believe our heart is more than our body's most important organ—it's also the essence of our spiritual and emotional being.
Peggy xxxx

Good and plenty said...

Have been thinking of you and visited your blog after too long. We all need your inspiration. We have to search for and be hearts of gold in these unprecedented times. One world.

miruspeg said...

Hello Candelaria
Thanks for stopping by my friend.
We certainly are living in unprecedented times.
This is humanity’s wake-up call. As we awaken to the truth of the profound failure of our existing institutions, we also awaken to the truth of our possibilities and interconnections with one another and with the Earth.
With that awakening comes a recognition that we must now learn to live lightly on the Earth, to war no more, and to dedicate ourselves to the well-being of all in an interdependent world.
Peggy xxxx

Good and plenty said...

You are right. This is an awakening and I hope we will take heed. I wonder if you have any news of Lilly of Lilly's life. I always think of her. My virtual friends from the "land down-under." My son and daughter-in-law have visited there as her brother and his family live there. Also, a jazz singer I know did a jazz tour there last year. Yours in faith and science.

miruspeg said...

Hello again Candelaria
Yes I am still in touch with Lilly (real name Kate) from Lilly's life via Instagram.
She is now a grandmother to a beautiful boy called Jack.
She lives in Ballarat in Victoria.
Here is the link to her Instagram account.
Take care my friend.
Peggy xxxx

Marja said...

Beautiful wisdom Yes when I tap in my emotions so when I am really interested in something things also flow more easily Love that sculpture Hope you are keeping safe and happy

miruspeg said...

Thanks dear friend Marja.
Last year there were some amazing sculptures at the annual Sculpture by the Sea in Bondi. I'm hoping by October this year the event will be able to be held and the nasty COVID-19 has disappeared. What a year 2020 has been so far. Hang in there mate.
Big heart hugs
Peggy xxxx