Tuesday, 14 June 2011


I read an article recently that suggested we can make lifestyle decisions that reduce our risk of developing eye diseases like macular degeneration.

It said certain aspects of the eye are directly related to the physical body. Just like in reflexology, where they press our toes and neck pain releases, symptoms like myopia, cateracts and glaucoma are directly related to parts of the physical body such a back pain.

We can improve our own eyesight naturally, through an approach that begins with the brain.

People can have eye surgery to see clearly but the symptoms held with the brain aren't addressed.

Here is the technique that Allison Fahey, the Dorrigo based Yoga and Pilates teacher, learnt at the Yoga School of Perfect Eyesight in Pondicherry, India:

"The first thing to do is to blink regularly, to lubricate the eyes".

"We like to use our full range of movement in our joints; the eye muscles are the same".

"First look up and down, slowly.
Then look left and right.
It's quite hard as the muscles will be tight in certain areas"

"Other steps include standing in the early morning sun and swaying side to side with closed eyes and gently covering them with the palm and concentrating on seeing black"

"When you have good eyesight, you should see black only; if you see other colours, simply visualise black"

"It should be a pleasant experience".

Other suggestions include:
  • Eyes tire when looking up close for long periods. When reading or using a computer, look into the distance for a couple of minutes every hour.
  • Soothe tired eyes with a cool moist face cloth for 10 minutes.

"The eye sees only what the mind is prepared to comprehend."
~~ Henri Bergson

Sculpture by the Sea, Bondi, Sydney - November 2009


Marit said...

It is indeed a pleasant experience to do (some of) these exercises... I just did! I hope I will remember to do them more often, I might get rid of my glasses!

Evil Shannanigans said...

Hey this was written tomorrow!

I was always told as a kid to eat lots of carrots because they are good for your eyes. Or they will turn you orange. Thanks for the tips Pegs

Christine said...

thanks for the good advice Peggy. I like the 'other suggestions' they seem simple enough to remember.

Mike Smith said...

There was a buxom young lady who came into the pub last night. I looked up and down slowly, then looked to her left, then to her right. Strange - I couldn't see out my right eye this morning...

Zz... said...

I'm glad this is one natural practical solution that I hear normal GPs advocating...anotehr thing i find soothing for sore tired eyes is a WARM MOIST facecloth...oh and eyedrops...I put mine in this morning!!!

Anonymous said...

Eye see (!) Oh I know, poor offering, but I have been through 2 more earthquakes....

Chapter Forty said...

I've got terrible eyesight Peggy and have worn glasses and later contact lenses since I was a 6 month old baby. (the little glasses were tied onto my head with ribbon) I have never heard about this natural approach to eyesight issues, but it makes perfect sense.

Marja said...

Hi dear Peggy I've had terrible problems when I started to work with computers full time. Got a glare filter on my reading glassses and indeed do some exercises as well.
Have to laugh saw stoneweavers eye see and think its quite funny. Feel sorry too though.

Monica said...

This is good to know..... I've had family members with this disease, so I'll have to do eye aerobics. : )

Lisa Gioia-Acres said...

I bestow upon you, my dear blogging friend, the Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award. Visit my site and see what it is all about and I hope you'll join in the fun!

Can-can said...

Thank you so much. I will definitely be more mindful of caring for my eyes. I've been wearing glasses since I was 7! I find getting away from the computer regularly so important to my joint health and mental health as well.

Lilly said...

Ha ha why didnt I read this before I had my eye test. I recall when I was about 12 I was given a range of eye exercises to do to strengthen my eyes. Think I will start doing these. And Dorrigo? What a lovely spot it is. Here's looking at you Peggy!