Saturday, 28 May 2011

Autumn in Sydney

Autumn is a gorgeous time of year when nature gives us a spectacular show of colour and richness to enjoy before we are plunged into winter.

As I walk around my neighbourhood my heart sours as the russets, golds, scarlets, crimsons and the purples of all those wonderful autumn leaves fill my eyes with their beauty.

"Delicious autumn! My very soul is wedded to it, and if I were a bird I would fly about the earth
seeking the successive autumns."
~~ George Eliot

"Winter is an etching, spring a watercolor, summer an oil painting and autumn a mosaic of them all."
~~ Stanley Horowitz

Here are some photos I took recently to attest to it's wonderment. I have included my favourite one as the header photo.

Liquidamber Tree - 21st May 2011

Outside the front of my house where I play in the leaves of the Liquidamber tree each day. - 23 May 2011

This is Diego, my next door neighbours cat, he followed me around while I was taking some photos at the front of my house and insisted in being included in the Autumn photo shoot as he blended in well. - 23 May 2011.


Christine said...

strange to think of you in Autumn, it's all spring here of course. You sound ready for it, but we're not!

Mike Smith said...

Winter means dark mornings, short days and coming home from the pub early. Ok, I made that last bit up...

Stoneweaver said...

Yes - autumn is Diego's season! I love autumn too. Hagley Park is looking stunning right now. Yep - I can imagine you playing in the leaves (!)

lisleman said...

cat and the internet - I would have never guessed it. I could of made some good money.
Just returning the visit of yours at A Few Clowns Short.
Good to find another OZ blog. So Sydney is not south enough to see the aurora (I know they have different names north vs. south but they are same thing)? The farthest south I've been is Peru. I made sure to see the southern cross.

Marit said...

Overhere, all the trees are bursting with green... your Autumn is my Spring... I love Autumn more so thank you for the wonderful photos! They remind me of what's to come in a few months...!!

Roban said...

You've captured the beauty of Autumn in these glorious photographs. Diego has such a sweet expression. He's a handsome fellow.

Cameron said...

Beautiful photos....I love Autumn! We don't get as many delicious color changes here in So. Cal as in other parts of the country, so this was a nice treat....thank you!

And what a cute little companion to have with you on your walk :)

Anonymous said...

My FAVOURITE season! That tree is beautiful -I hope we will see it on flickr soon! Diego is lovely, too!

Chapter Forty said...

I can really see you playing in those leaves out the front of your house. Do you know what the trees are?
I am wanting to plant some autumn colour in my new garden.

Hey was this song, Forever Autumn in the War of the Worlds album?- yes I'm sure it was, its bringing back major flashbacks for me, sitting on the living room floor of the family home, more than 25 years ago....

Back to Autumn, this is by far my most favourite season, fresh, earthly, colourful, warm -not hot sunshine, crisp evenings, perfect really.

miruspeg said...

Christine, Mike, Stoneweaver, Lisleman, Marit, Roban, Cameron, Cazjane and Chapter Forty....thanks for leaving a comment dear friends, I always enjoy reading your kind words. Hope there is much colour and love and each of your day to day lives.

Chapter Forty - The tree outside my place is a Liquidamber and also the one I took down the road. Unfortunately I do not know the name of the tree in my header photo.
Hey I am sooo pleased you enjoyed the song I chose to go with this post! I saw the stage musical "The War of the Worlds" back in 2007 in Sydney. It was brilliant.
Justin Hayward who sings "Forever Autumn" used to be in the group "The Moody Blues".

maureen said...

heehee it was almost a shock to see the beautiful autumn color on your header. I didn't think about where you live at first. I love the time of year when nature paints such beautiful color everywhere. But, I'm so glad to be beginning summer here, it was a long winter . . .

Meow said...

Namaste Peggy,

The pictures are so beautiful! It's spring here & considering that the winters here usually are pretty long, I am currently enjoying the advent of the brief summers. It's flowers & colours all around here. You have inspired me to click a few pictures at the weekend :)
Take care.
Love always,

miruspeg said...

Maureen and Meow!
How lovely to see your faces in my comments section!
I know it was a long cold winter for both of you in your respective countries and I am happy that spring has sprung.
I now only have photos and memories of warm, colourful days until September/October.

I know you will appreciate every speck and detail of spring and summer and enjoy the luxury, warmth and beauty that comes with these seasons.

Take care friends....xxxxxxx

Marja said...

wow I love your tree in the heading. A diamond from autumn. Autumns are very mild here and it is actually the best time of the year. Winter has started but is stil quite warm. The winter will be over soon when it is like this.
Love and hugs marja

Evil Shannanigans said...

very pretty but I am not jealous as it is just spring here :)

A California Bird & Country Pockets said...

I really love that cat image. I really enjoyed that. Great angle.