Thursday, 16 September 2010

Great Mysteries

The Bermuda Triangle. The Mary Celeste. The Loch Ness Monster. Crop Circles. Atlantis.....

These are some of the great mysteries of the world that have always fascinated me.

But really we don't need to look to exotic locales, alien life forms or the seabed for mystery - it lurks right at home, in our wardrobes and drawers!

So after years of research with archaeologists, UFO investigators and experts in the paranormal, I have assembled the ultimate list of the Great Clothing and Style Mysteries:

How do fine gold chains get knotted and tangled sitting in a box in a drawer?

How do earrings put away in pairs become solo?

Why do hems fall down and buttons drop off only when you are in a horrendous rush?

How do moths know which is your most expensive cashmere jumper?

Why do you always lose the expensive sunglasses, but seem able to keep the pair you bought in a service station for years?

How does the tissue manage to escape the pocket inspection you always do before the black wash?

How does the pair of new black undies hide away in the drum of the washing machine just before you put a white load on hot?

How do silk blouses attract salad dressing?

Why are so many leading designers of women's clothes men?

Why do people with naturally straight hair always want curls, and the reverse?

Ditto large/small bosoms? And sticky-out flat bottoms?

Why can you never find anything you like when you have some money put aside to spend on new clothes?

Why are the "special occasion" dresses, shoes and handbags we pay the most for the ones we wear the fewest times?

Why do we continue to judge female politicians on what they wear?


"It is completely unimportant. That is why it is so interesting!"
~~ Agatha Christie(1890-1976)

Both photos below were taken in Gudvangen on the west coast of Norway near Flam when Annemarie and I were on our road trip through the most scenic country in the world in July 2010


Annie said...

Those are such gorgeous pictures you make me want to go, Peg!

And your clothes questions cracked me up because they are all true:)

((Happy Thursday to you))

Caroline said...

You pose such great questions Peggy! Why oh why is it so... Why do I always end up losing one sock? DO you know how many matchless socks I have? *sigh*

Christine said...

I'm in love with your Gudvangen photo's gorgeous.

Love your mysteries, gave me a good laugh. I've been a victim of the fine gold chain knots...maddening.

Anonymous said...

Hee hee life would be dull without such mysteries...

I know about the sock problem - there are sock-eating pixies that live in our drawers, obviously.

And why is it that when you go shopping for shoes, you find the perfect pair - and they don't have your size!?

There is a universal law that governs such matters - calculated after millennia of painstaking research by scientists and fellow Earth inhabitants as yourself. It's called Murphy's Law, or where I come from S*d's Law!!!

Mike Smith said...

Why is it when you wash the dishes there is always a teaspoon left when you think you've finished?

Great photos Peggy - have a guid weekend!

FoxyMoron said...

Great post! Why indeed!
Those photos are breathtaking.

Mommy2Twinkies-Deb said...

Peg-what a great post! I think of those crazy questions all the time, but never all at once! Too funny.

Did you really take that photo? The first one is something I would absolutely put on my wall. It is so beautiful and makes me happy. You have inspired me to put some of my photos like this on my blog. Love it! Thank you so much.


miruspeg said...

Thanks Annie, Caroline, Christine, Stoneweaver, Mike, Foxy and Deb for dropping by. Its ALWAYS great to read your comments!

Stoneweaver - I like the expression Sod's Law better than Murphy's Law, has a more humourous ring to it.

Deb - Yes I took both those photos and have blown them up and put them on my hall wall so every day I get to relive the wonderful holiday in Norway. :)

Marja said...

Why? donno Love it:) I also love the beautiful pictures so you already went to norway The sounds in Norway look a bit like the ones on the south island--gorgeous My mum went to norway SHe has a travel bug
I have it too but we wait till the kids are gone
Didn't you go to see the northern lights or are they somewhere else?

McMGrad89 said...

Caroline, she may not know how many single socks YOU have, but she knows how many single socks WE have in the Victory household.

miruspeg said...

Marja - It is wonderful having the travel bug and saving up for travelling is very exciting. The northern lights are on show in Norway but normally further north from where we visited in Tromso.

A strange thing did happen, a week after we arrived back in Texas, the northern lights put on a display in Oslo where we had been staying....can't believe our timing was out by one week!!

Annemarie - Looks like you are in good company with the missing socks. It was actually quite fun matching the socks in the sock basket. :-)

Cozyflier said...

Oh Peggy, you make me laugh. We played the gold chain game this summer when going through all of Mom's jewelry. :sigh:

Another Question: Why is it the pair of panty hose you first put on has a runner in it??

And with 4 kiddos I can totally relate to the sock issue! I've said a million times there is a black hole in the washer/dryer that the socks go into!

You photos amaze me! Absolutely awesome!

Hugs, Carrie

miruspeg said...

Hi Carrie....the surprise party queen!!!
Everyone sure seems to have a "sock debacle" story...why oh why is it so!

Glad you liked the photos. Norway was awesome and there were so many great photo opportunities.

Take care :-)

Evil Shannanigans said...

Some of the world's mysteries were never meant to be solved.
Why do my keys disappear the minute I put them down? Where do the socks go?

Gorgeous pictures by the way!

Chapter Forty said...

I can honestly say I never had a sock issue until I had children. I think it has something to do with the fairies they invite into the house. I have seen the fairies have parties with our dust bunnies, something is going on as the pictures get crooked by themselves, my keys are never in the spot I left them and scissors are always missing...

miruspeg said...

Shannon if all the mysteries of the world were solved what a dull world it would be!

Chapter Forty - Love your fairy theory, think you could be onto something there. Also the sock issue could be partly blamed on our 4 legged friends!

Marit said...

You made me smile Peg!!! I have no answers to one of those questions... in fact, I have those questions too! (and more.... don't start...!) The photos are marvelous, I love especially the one with the mole (??) - with the water and the boat. Gorgeous!!!

miruspeg said...

Hello Marit
Thanks for visiting me again and commenting. I am sorry I have been so slack and not visited your blog!
The boat photo could be a scene out of "Wind in the Willows" with Mr Mole and his friends.
I wanted to hop in the boat myself and paddle up the river and find a mysterious land!

Take care and lots of love. :-)