Saturday, 8 August 2009

An Ode to Angels

I see your face today
I don't know your name
But I believe my souls on fire.

Across a crowded room
Our eyes chance to meet
And yes I know my souls on fire.

And I hear you call
In the middle of the night
In the middle of my fog
And I know your the one
That I am running to
When all is said and done.

You stay for hours here
I don't even know your name
But I believe I know you well.

It is how I see your eyes
And how your voice reacts
To the feelings held deep inside.

I see your face
I sense your grace
I sense the magic
It's over you.

I want the lust
I want the love
I want to take this time to heart.

I sleep for hours lately
I don't even know your name
I only know the soul and fire.

It's hard to breath at night
It's hard to breath at all
It might be true
And so devine.

I've found the hour
To make it all come true
I've got the power
I'm holding out for you.

"Philosophers have argued for centuries about how many angels can dance on the head of a pin, but materialists have always known it depends on whether they are jitterbugging or dancing cheek to cheek”
Tom Robbins - American Novelist.

Joseph my angel, July 2009, Cromer.


Sarah Lulu said...

I am also an angel believer.

Totally beautiful ...the verse and the boy.

HappyOrganist said...

Hi Peggy. wow. if you had dark hair, were 7 years older than you are, and were an acupuncturist I'd be all over you. (figuratively speaking)

p.s. did you know your blog is 3rd on the list when one googles "ode to angels".. pretty neat

McMGrad89 said...

Today is the anniversary of my dad's passing. The anniversary of my seeing an angel coming to his bedside to tell him it was okay to go home to see our Lord.

I have chosen not to write about it today. Maybe tomorrow.

AVT Coach said...

I believe Peggy! I love the quote!
I also love your music. Friday morning I pulled up your blog and set the music in the background. I listened to your music most of the day. I don't think I have ever worked so joyfully! :) I loved the variety and it is amazing how your taste in music matches mine. What a blessing!

Caroline said...

Peggy that was so beautiful! I do believe in angels too. An you are an angel!

Lilly said...

Wow Ms Peggy that post was something else. I believe in Angels or spirit guides whatever way you want to describe them. Joseph is ADORABLE - he is going to break some hearts. And I love Ronan - you always have incredible music here. Really.

mscherrylane said...

LOL Pegs,the only problem is after you're used to angels...that becomes the standard and you can never be content with anything less :P

Lance said...

So wonderful Peggy! Angels among us...they are, aren't they!

Patty said...

Love the poem. But that photo trumps it. Beautiful

Roban said...

Beautiful words and such a precious, precious picture.... He IS an adorable little boy!

(I'm like AVT Coach.... I could listen to your music selection all day and sometimes do! We have such similar tastes in music....)


miruspeg said...

I hope your loving Angels are surrounding you today and everyday dear friends.
Bless you all.
Peggy xxxxx

Roban said...

At least with my summer passing, I can find solace knowing that yours is just beginning...! Enjoy the pleasant days ahead dear friend!


Anonymous said...

Lovely poem Peggy - I believe angels are coming closer to your realm. Keep a look out for feathers when you walk your adopted dog. They are a sure sign that angels are near.

I love that quote too! ;o)

And the photo is gogeous - little ones like Joseph, well they are still touched by heaven aren't they?

Anonymous said...

By the way Peggy - I can't get the 'Blogging without obligation' code to work (I have taken out the Xs) Any tips?

Shannanigans said...

I dont know if angels are fluttering things with wings, but I definitely know that there are angels on earth, who do amazing things for us, and we are lucky if we actually see them for what they are.