Friday, 5 December 2008

An Interview with God

I was googling something or other and found this interesting piece. You may or may not have read it before, but I thought it was worth sharing.

I dreamed I had an interview with God.

'So you would like to interview me?' God asked.

'If you have the time.' I said.

God smiled. 'My time is eternity. 'What questions do you have in mind for me?'

'What surprises you most about humankind?'

God answered.....

'That they get bored with childhood, they rush to grow up, and then long to be children again.'
'That they lose their health to make money.....and then lose their money to restore their health.'
'That by thinking anxiously about the future, they forget the present, such that they live in neither the present nor the future.'
'That they live as if they will never die, and die as if they had never lived.'

God’s hand took mine and we were silent for a while.

And then I asked....'As a parent, what are some of life’s lessons you want your children to learn?'

'To learn they cannot make anyone love them. All they can do is let themselves be loved.'
'To learn that it is not good to compare themselves to others.'
'To learn to forgive by practicing forgiveness.'
'To learn that it only takes a few seconds to open profound wounds in those they love, and it can take many years to heal them.'
'To learn that a rich person is not one who has the most, but is one who needs the least.'
'To learn that there are persons who love them dearly, but simply have not yet learned how to express or show their feelings.'
'To learn that two people can look at the same thing and see it differently.'
'To learn that it is not enough that they forgive one another, but they must also forgive themselves.'

'Thank you for your time,' I said humbly.

'Is there anything else you would like your children to know?'

GOD smiled and said, 'Just know that I am here.....always.'

Inspirational Quote by an Unknown Author:
Happiness is a healthy mental attitude, a graceful spirit, a clear conscious, a heart full of love and friends.

One of my favourite photos of Joseph taken in December 2007 aged 16 months.
What an amazing blessing Joseph is, a true gift from God.


avtcoach said...

Many things to think about in this post. I don't even know what questions I would ask..many I would ask if he really intended there to be so many rules, if he was happy that his people created the "church" and maybe what his idea of a "perfect" day was. I said he, it could be she..What would you ask?

Caroline said...

That was just lovely! Gee, what would I ask God? I be would curious to see what God thinks about all the terrorists???

Anonymous said...

I actually saw this paired (online) with a video presentation. It was so awesome. Thanks for sharing it and reminding me of it again!

Anonymous said...

Hey Peggy, The above post was mine - Jan/musicjan. I didn't take the time to sign in to my Google account. Take care!!! jan

miruspeg said...

Assuming "God" is some sort of divine being separate from ourselves... and assuming you can only ask one "question".....if I wasn't prepared, I know what would come out of my mouth:
Hello, how are you?

If I had time to think about it, I would ask where I can find the user manual that comes with life?

Octamom might ask:
"Is there chocolate in heaven?"


Meow said...

Though I have read it before, it still makes me feel so nice. Thanks for sharing it with us,Peggy.

And Joseph looks soo cute & adorable. God Bless him!!

Love always,

Monica said...

I love your thoughts so much. I know in my life I worry about that which I should not. Life goes by so fast, too fast for worrying. I'm getting better, but have a little ways yet.

Chapter Forty said...

This is really beautiful and very wise. I will be doing a bit of cut and paste to keep it close to me.

miruspeg said...

Chapter Forty it was a very beautiful piece of writing wasn't it.
Thanks for commenting as it gave me a chance to read it again.
Peggy xxx