Friday, 31 October 2008

Communication Breakdown!! Woe Is Me!!

Alas my metal companion is ailing. Caliginosity has fallen upon this Sydney blogger.

I awoke this morning, fed the cats, turned on the TV and turned on my other favourite machine to hear a very strange noise. Beep, beep, beep, beep.....what ails you my friend I asked?

By the third try of turning it on and off, panic started to set heart was pounding. What have I done to deserve this (the song kept running through my mind).

OK reality check Peggy, let's settle down and find a solution.

I called my computer guy who thought there might be some dust in the RAM and wanted me to take off the cover and clean it. I can do that I said, and hung up. You know that housework I haven't been attending to, well looks like the dust crept into the computer as it had filled up all the other places.

Unfortunately cleaning the RAM did not fix the problem, so I will be having a forced break from blogging - an addict's worse nightmare!

So if you don't hear from me for a short while be happy in the knowledge I will have a clean house, be catching up on my reading and missing you all a great deal.


AVT Coach said...

You probably won't get this until it is too late but I have a few other suggestions for you while you take a bloggy break...
- Watch Gone With Wind (or you can think about it tomorrow)
- Read The Tale of Two Cities
- Journal with a pencil...yikes!
- Clean your end irons..(When Harry Met Sally)
- Take a drive with the windows down and sing to song "Free Fallin" (Tom Cruise in "Jerry McGuire)
- Burn a candle at both ends.
- Bake a neighbor some cookies in exchange for blog time on their computer.
- Go to the bookstore and make a list of the top 100 books you would want to read in 2009.
- Walk the sky line of the Sydney Bridge...please don't jump!
- Go on a photo scavenger hunt to collect for your next 100 blogs.
- Make a list of cool topics for your next 20 blogs.
- Resupply your underwear drawer.
- Get your Christmas shopping done.

Now I know none of these suggestions are near as fun as sharing your bloggy mind with your bloggy friends but you will just have to deal! :):) and sadly so will we!!! :):) Hope you are turned on soon! :)

AVT Coach said...

Had to husband came up with an idea for you too..
- Watch "Dr. Zhivago" first in English then try to find it with Russian Subtitles. Should be a trip!!!

JenX67 said...

enjoy reading!!!

McMGrad89 said...

Reading??? What's that? Oh you mean those disconsolate tomes gathering dust on my shelves, calling out to me, "Annemarie, remember the good times? We are pining for you. Please return to us. What do knowledge do Octamom and Miruspeg have that we can not impart upon you."

Reading suggestions:
Running With Scissors
Look Me in the Eye
Life of Pi
City of Ember
The Giver
Tale of Despereaux

We are here when you are ready.

And to AVT Coach - It seems you have been thinking about this for a while.

Octamom said...

Hope that nothing is too wrong with all that RAM stuff and dust and all...LOVE all of AVT's ideas for a little bloggy break! hee hee!
especially the one about baking cookies for a neighbor in exchange for computer time!

Stefunkc said...

My husband is a computer tutor extraordinaire! Want me to send him over? Hee-hee.

Oh, and guess what? I've been parachuting. Once. And once only. It was amazing!