Saturday, 11 February 2017

Journey of Life

We, as human beings, have this extraordinary ability to be both rooted and flowing at the same time. On this journey of life, we are gifted with all the happenings we require to allow us to experience the high highs, low lows and everything in between. And I suppose we need it all; the moments of fear to motivate, the sadness to appreciate the happy, the second chances to create new beginnings, and the feelings of unexplainable bliss to remind us of what we aim to be.  

For me, the real beauty lies in learning to accept every last one of these moments; valuing the pleasant and the uncomfortable all the same. It’s about seeing the blessing in our unique capacity as human beings to feel everything so deeply, and to never stop allowing life to be our greatest teacher. 

The more I surrender to the ebb and flow of this beautiful journey, the more ease I feel in knowing that everything will always unfold exactly as it should; there really is no other way.  

As I reflect back, it becomes so obvious that within every instance of suffering was a tiny seed planted to cultivate an inner strength that I, myself, would never have believed existed. I can appreciate that my plethora of past regrets were actually part of a process to make me softer and wiser. And how, even the most intense heartache of my life, one that at the time felt like the worst torture on earth, was somehow exactly what I needed to help me understand the joy of what it means to truly love myself first. 

In all its irony, I believe that I was destined to hit “rock bottom”, that there were a whole host of things down there I that I didn’t even know I needed to find.

“Though the road's been rocky it sure feels good to me.”
~~Bob Marley 

Had a delightful holiday in France in September 2016, here I am barging in Lyon


Christine said...

This is an inspiring post. That's a beautiful photo of you Peggy!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

It's always best to find the gift in everything, I agree. That's how we grow!

bill lisleman said...

Great post.
As a parent it was upsetting to watch some of our children test the depths life instead of listening to our advice. While it is not easy, we can learn from others without having to experience firsthand.

miruspeg said...

@Christine, @Debra @ Bill
How gratifying to read your kind words. I know we are all on the same page even though we have our own journey, and what we have in common is creating a better world for ourselves and others.

Bill I like your comment "we can learn from others without having to experience first hand", I feel that is what we do here in Blogland.

Namaste my friends.
Peggy xxx

Tammy said...

You always provide such great insight and positivity. Have a blessed day.

miruspeg said...

@Tammy - Thanks my friend. With all that is happening in the world at the moment we need as much positive energy and love to flow around the globe.
Peggy xxx

Mike Smith said...

Brilliant, Peggy. Your words are always an inspiration. More power to your keyboard, my friend!

miruspeg said...

@Mike - Thanks mate! It will be interesting in the future when the keyboard is obsolete, I guess we will be saying "more power to your voice". The voice recognition app is not very accurate at the moment so if we can image something in our mind and that appears on the device then the keyboard will fade away. Controlling our devices with our mind, then a lot of things will fade away.
Peggy xxxx

Kathy G said...

Acceptance is the key to everything

miruspeg said...

@Kathy - Spot on. I once read “Just be yourself, love yourself, and accept yourself. That is true beauty.”
Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.
Take Care

Marja said...

Amen I agree with every single word. Although I would wish somehow that the lessons to learn would be a bit easier as so many people suffer so much. I loved how you said that we just have to surrender and go with the eb and flow. If we resist than the struggle is harder and yes we are who we are because of past experiences.
Love your photo such a cheerful you :)

Good and plenty said...

Such a beautiful, wise and heart-felt post. I don't know what your rock-bottom was, but I am glad you were able to survive it with grace and analysis. Finding lessons in anger, disappointments, tragedy and still feeling positive emotions is so difficult. My mother has often said that while she doesn't welcome the aches at least she knows that she's alive to feel the pain that come with being in her 80s. I am going through a major row in my marriage. Please pray that we both come through with grace.

miruspeg said...

@Marja - If the lessons were easy Marja our growth would be limited. Oprah Winfrey once said "where there is no struggle there is no strength". Knowing you as well as I do, you have great strength and compassion and I am so proud to call you my friend.
Namaste Peggy xxx

miruspeg said...

@Candelaria - Thanks for your kind words and insights. My rock bottom happened in 2003, my depression was so severe I went down the suicide road, fortunately I was saved by friends and decided if I couldn't die I would try to live an unselfish life.
By 2007 after counselling, volunteering and meditation I was free from the shackles of mental illness, I was so grateful.

I am sure you have the ability to find a solution to your marriage problems. Step outside of yourself and see things from another is worth a try.

Take care dear friend.
Peggy xxx

Optimistic Existentialist said...

Peggy, you always make me think...

Have a great weekend :)

miruspeg said...

Hi Keith
Happy that I am able to make you think, although from what I read over at your blog, you have no trouble in that department.
Take care
Peggy xxx