Sunday, 28 February 2016

Kids Give The Best Advice

The older we become the more we tend to be influenced by our experience and set in our ways.

Children on the other hand have a much less tainted view of things. They tend to see things from a totally different perspective than adults.

Because children have fewer assumptions (if any) and are less inhibited they tend to give a more honest and black and white view of the world.

Often they'll give us a totally left of field response without any concern for convention.


Mind you you'll need to phrase things in a simpler way - which in it's own right is a good thing!

"Adults are always asking little kids what they want to be when they grow up because they're looking for ideas"
~~ Paula Poundstone

This young boy is my teacher!
Top to bottom - Joseph 2015 aged 9, 2010 aged 4, 2009 aged 3, 2008 aged 2, 2007 aged 6 months and 1 day old 2006)


Christine said...

Through the eyes of a child they always say. Joseph must've grown a lot since then.

miruspeg said...

Oh he has Christine. He is maturing into a wonderful caring, clever human being.
I will add a resent photo of Joseph.
Peggy xxxxx

Debra She Who Seeks said...

That last photo is so sweet! And you picked the perfect Cat Stevens song for this post too.

Marja said...

Isn't he gorgeous and growing up so fast. I agree with every word Children are such free spirits, honest and creative. We can learn a lot from them

Lisleman said...

you have a great teacher. The Paula Poundstone quote is great. I got tickets to see her as a gift once. One example of a kid's wisdom was when my grandson (about 4 at the time) comment about my ranting. My wife had just done something that started me ranting a bit. He noticed I was upset and asked why. I explain and he correctly told me, "that's no big deal". I think you take notice when someone so young points out something that you forgot was obvious.

miruspeg said...

@Debra - It took me ages to find a song for this post and then one of my favourite singer/songwriter popped into my head and wa-lah "Oh very young" materialised!

@Marja - Joseph will be 10 in August and is such a caring, beautiful soul.....I love him so much. Over the years looking at the world through his eyes each week has helped reconnect to the child in myself.

@Bill - Wow what are the odds that I add a Paula Poundstone quote and you have been to one of her shows.....I am amazed!
And thanks for sharing that story about your grandson and your ranting, a very poignant account of what we can learn from kids.

Beautifulsky said...

Very true - children are so open minded. And don't forget the 'inner child', the one you carry within you all the time, who only wants to be loved, feel safe and play! Checking in with our own inner child can do wonders when facing something new and challenging.

miruspeg said...

@Beautifulsky - oh yes Celia our "inner child" we must nurture this child. We need to be mindful, when we hear her voice calling for help. We need to tenderly embrace the wounded child by talking directly to the child with the language of love, saying, “Darling, I am here for you. I will take good care of you. I know you suffer so much. I have been so busy. I have neglected you, and now I have learned a way to come back to you.”

Mike Smith said...

So true, Peggy. My grand-daughter Hannah tells me I'm not bald - I only have a hole in my hair...Hope you are well, my friend.

miruspeg said...

@Mike - I love Hannah's description regarding your baldness. Kids say the most priceless things.
I'm really well thanks, as I hope you are too Mike. xxxx

Good and plenty said...

Lovely. My 9 year old granddaughter recently texted me: "I don't really spend time on my phone, I focus on the real world, the one I grew up in,." Lol. She's till growing. Isn't being a grandmother the best?

miruspeg said...

Hi Candelaria
It is great that your granddaughter texts you, you must be a cool grandmother!
Even though I am only a surrogate grandmother, I absolutely agree with you a grandmother's job is way easier and more joyful than being a mother - much less pressure too.
Take care
Peggy xxx