Monday, 20 January 2014

The Outsiders

Being an outsider can have its benefits.

Outsiders can see the inside of things in ways that nobody else sees them.

A significant number of people are quite happy to be different from the rest.

Happy to think and act independently and sit on the outside.

It takes practice to be comfortable being an outsider, or even just being around people who seem like outsiders.

It’s not always easy - you can become the target of people’s fears or seem threatening when you are not.

But the rewards you get from an outsider’s perspective may surprise you and even delight you.

Give it a try!

“One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star.”
~~ Friedrich Nietzsche

Sculpture by Neil Laredo called "Gate" taken at Rookwood Cemetery, Sydney on 9th October 2013.
Part of the Hidden Sculptures Exhibition.


Christine said...

Beautiful header photo! Wonder if outsiders are introverts?

bill lisleman said...

Doesn't everyone feel different than the rest at times? I've been a member of various teams/groups and also on my own depending on the time and place. Now stepping back and looking from the outside can give you an important perspective. So I agree to play the role of an outsider is a useful thing.

miruspeg said...

@Christine - that header photo was taken at Sculpture by the Sea in Bondi, Sydney last November, it was mesmerising the way it kept changing.
Regarding your question about outsiders being introverts. My post was actually tending more towards outsiders thinking independently and not following the protocols widely accepted by the insiders.

miruspeg said...

@Bill - You are correct in pointing out how everyone at some stage of their lives feel different from the rest.
I'm now at the stage of life where I embrace being an outsider and hopefully think independently and objectively.
That is the plan anyway!!

Roban said...

While I like to think of myself as free-spirited, I'm also a bit of a rule-follower, Peggy. That doesn't mean that I don't question protocols or speak out when I think something is wrong; however, I also appreciate order more than chaos.

As a teacher, I am quick to speak out against decisions that are made that seem arbitrary.... I am quick to speak out when I see someone wronged.

So, am I an outsider? At times, I guess. At times.

miruspeg said...

@Roban You sound like you have the best of both and restrained, depending on the circumstances.

Speaking out against injustices takes a lot of courage, so yes according to my definition of "outsiders" you definitely belong to that club.

Namaste xxxxxx

Can-Can said...

Love this post. I discovered I was an outsider quite early when I was still in elementary school. I was an outsider because I liked to read and do school work. I was an outsider because I wore glasses. I was an outsider because my ears were pierced. I was an outsider because I was "pleasingly plump" and had lighter skin than most of my classmates. After a time, I learned to accept it...after a longer whle, I learned to embrace it. I cannot be who I'm not. Never been part of the in-crowd.

miruspeg said...

Hello Candelaria
So pleased you shared your story!

Following your own instincts takes courage, compared to being a conformist, which I feel is relatively easy.

Giving yourself permission to pursue the activities and groups that interest you, no matter how left of centre, makes for a very interesting life journey.

Namaste xxxx

Lilly said...

R.E.M - many years ago in the early hours of the morning they started blaring from my CD player scaring the life out of me. I think there was an electricity fault or something that started up the CD player without human intervention. Whenever, I hear them that incident comes back lol.

I believe I am one of those outsiders as I guess we all do at various times of our lives. That is why I like getting old. Being part of the crowd matters less and you can become more the person you are as opposed need to be or wish you were. Authenticity cannot be overated. As someone who had to be an extravert in the workplace I do now like shutting up, being alone and just watching. Too much is unhealthy I guess but I want to be a better listener and observer than I have been in the past. It also gives you better perspective to make better decisions too I am sure.

I also love the header picture. You are very creative Peggy as well as have a brilliant mind. you always have interesting blog posts that offer something different to think about.

miruspeg said...

Hey Lilly
Thanks for stopping by and leaving, as always, a very interesting comment.
What I love about blogging is how different posts can conjure up some intriguing memories...I would have freaked out if my CD player started on it's own!

I wish I was a better listener, its something I have been working on (and failing) for many years....still it's a work in progress and will probably take a few more lifetimes!

What I do feel extremely happy about though, is feeling really comfortable in my own skin...discovering inner peace, oh I feel so blessed!

Warmest heart hugs xxxxx