Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Ever Widening Circles

A really useful concept or thoughtful question doesn't just sit there.

It lands!

And it doesn't just land. It touches down in your consciousness and ripples out. Circles echoing circles. Reverberating.

It sets off a chain of spiraling cycles that move outward and downward simultaneously.

What started as a stone is not just stone. Skipping out over the water, it has now become a new thing that is STONE - MEETING - WATER.

No longer an object but an encounter. Maybe even a relationship. Patterns and circles. Centre and periphery.

As each question, stone skips its way through the water, the ever-widening circles takes me places.

I find the connections.....the self-similarity.

I can feel into the stretch of continuity between past, hurting me and where I am now, and then slightly future me who is waiting, arm stretched out, full of love.

The information accessed through stone-skipping is not the stuff you know from the surface. It has a different tone, a different vibration. It has different elements too. Water and stone.

You can use anything as a stone.

A word, a quality, a mantra, a question, a thought, a rhythm, a colour, a pattern, a shape.

"My books are like water; those of the great geniuses are wine. (Fortunately) everybody drinks water".
~~ Mark Twain

Above photo taken at Sculpture by the Sea, Bondi, Sydney, Nov 2011 - Artist Keizo Ushio from Japan called it "Moebius in Space Planet" .
His statement - "The human being sometimes realises that we are one of the parts of nature"


Cozyflier said...

Friendships are stones to me, and I think FB is a big stone! I love seeing how the connections ripple out and how people are connected and know each other when I didn't know they did.

Cause and affect or effect? I get confused. I start cleaning a room, find stuff that goes in another room, rippling me into another room, then another room and so on!

I love your posts Peggy, always so intriguing.

Happy Spring my friend, or I guess Falll in your case!

Hugs from W. Texas XOXO

Mike Smith said...

Here's a long arm of love and friendship from Scotland! Hope you are well, my friend.

Christine said...

Here's to useful concepts and thoughtful questions! Nice quote from Twain.

Roban said...

I hope you're doing well.... You're "why" post got me wondering. Ripples do continue on, don't they? Sometimes, we probably don't even know what actions are set in motion by things we say and do.


Anonymous said...

This one is too deep for me (!) A big boulder that just landed PLOP in my pond! I'll have to think about it....

Lilly said...

So true. If only everyone uderstood much earlier in their wisdom finding that their thoughts, words and actions created that rippling effect. Sometimes ending in tsunamis (sp?), lol. Words by people I respect mean a lot to me and become my rocks. My father said a sentence to me once that totally changed my life. Funny, it also jsut reminded me how he was an expert at throwing stones on the water to create those wonderful rippling effects. Peggy, I wish you would write a book. You just have it, truly. there is something very special about you.

And on another subject, music. It was only yeserday I was in a store and heard Coldplay and I thought to myself I have to get some of their music. And today I visit you and.....its a sign...did I tell you I am so a believer in signs as well. lol. Oh and love John Butler trio too.

I am off to enjoy the sunshine - weather is beautiful here after what was a very chilly weekend.

Marja said...

Inspiring wonderful thoughts. It makes me think and I can see when you reads out with words and questions that you touch new grounds and encounter new areas, people, effecting you in return.
arohanui and hugs marja

Cozyflier said...

Peggy, I gave you a blog award if you are inclined to do such things!

It is on my blog!

G'day Mate!


Ninon Jean-Claire said...

Hello Peggy! I have thought of this also and in recent weeks realized that we affect others and the influences is much more than we often imagine. I think of you almost daily even if I don't say so ;) Health and happiness to you always. ~ ninon

Chapter Forty said...

How deep your pond is Peggy!

I just love the reassuring circles of life,
I was born, then I grew, I was a child, I grew, now I'm a mother, my children grow, I go old with them, one day they might be parents.

A mother naturally holds her child just as her mother held her.