Wednesday, 17 February 2010

A Platform For Our Lives

The internet is not just a place to find a bargain or a mate - it has become the platform for our lives.

In 2007, Facebook exploded. Ordinary people posted their pictures and profiles online, proving that the web was no longer an arena just for geeks and gossip hounds, music buffs, porn addicts and lonely hearts.

It was for everyone. On a mass impulse many of us jumped on board the electronic merry-go-round.

Did we do it in a spirit of adventure or resignation?

Was it inevitable or had we gone mad?

I believe the answer is YES, we are nuts and worse, we can no longer opt out! Our lives have changed irrevocably.

If one factor changed the face of the internet, it was broadband. Once the internet was switched on all the time, everyone from toddlers to maiden aunts became intimate with it.

The world that computing makes possible can no longer be thought of as parallel to the real world: the two have merged.

The web is now the platform on which we live our lives. From this point on the story of computing is no longer the history of a machine. It is the story of a culture, though it is barely five years old.

I have been trying to take a break from blogging to see what it would be like to live in the real world without my virtual friends. I may succeed this time, at least for a couple of weeks anyway.

So if you don't see me around it's because I am wandering around smelling the roses. I may get lost, but I am sure I will find my way back home....because YOU are family!

Keep shining.......keep smiling.

"Computers are magnificent tools for the realization of our dreams, but no machine can replace the human spark of spirit, compassion, love, and understanding."
~~ Louis Gerstner

As well as smelling the roses I am going to talk to the animals. These cockatoos visit Dianne's house in Cromer, Sydney every day. (photo taken 31st January 2010.)


Cozyflier said...

So true and wise. We must have human contact in the physical real sense if we are to be whole. Making all these virtual friends is wonderful, and the WWW is great for keeping families closer together.

Someday I hope to be able to do so as you plan, and travel the world and meet 'in real life' all these wonderful friends I have made through this thing which we call a computer!

Life Potentials Network said...

Peggy, enjoy your break! It is good to take breaks now and again from anything that becomes routine. May your days be filled with joy, great experiences, and the richness of life. You will be missed, and so welcomed when you return. Via con Dios, my friend.

Aurora said...

Dearest Peggy.
You are very wise. We are in synch. I see the internet as something that actually is keeping me from face-to-face real daily relationships. It was my savior once when I was scared and wonded. Now it has become a crutch, and not necessarily a healthy one. It is a place of distance and siconnection, for cyber friends, while dear, are not the same as going to lunch with someone and seeing them for a cup of coffeee or running errands together - the real intimacies of friendship.
I love my blogging friends, they have given me many moments of wisdom and insight and loving.
Now I find it is time to pull away from the addicition of blogging and be outside, to live my loife right there instead of behind a computer screen.
Hugs and love to you:)
And if you are ever in my part of the world, I hope you e-mail me and we meet face to face!

McMGrad89 said...

We have talked about this before, you and I. I agree that being plugged in is both a blessing and a curse. I find that it was probably better when the internet was still tied into our phone lines thereby limiting the amount of time we would want to spend online.

I am happy to be spending my time painting and journaling - exploring a different intelligence rather than my techie side.

See you around soul sister.

Christine said...

enjoy your 'time off', the internet is addictive.

Roban said...

I enjoy both worlds.... Without the Internet, I wouldn't have met you or Annemarie or Wendy or Julie or Caroline or ...

Great song choice, my friend. I can see you out dallying about now.

Mike Smith said...

Spirit, compassion, love, and understanding - all things to be found in abundance in your blog, Peggy. Haste ye back!

Bagman and Butler said...

I agree completely. The Internet has become a kind aggregate soul of the human race. And I also sometimes take a break -- ironically, the real world feels more and more like a dream, or like a vacation to Disneyland and the Internet seems to be the place where I really live.

Mommy2Twinkies-Deb said...

Awww, Peggy. I completely get it, but I'll MISS you! Go smell the roses, but please come back!

Hybrid J said...

You're soooo right about this one. With the broadband internet, we so often forget we are living in the physical world. There are so many times when I should step out of the house to join the world when I just sit at home surfing the net.

Good on you to take a break. Have a good one and I'm already missing you.

T's Daily Treasures said...

Enjoyed your last several posts. I just told a friend yesterday that I wondered what our children would leave upon this world for future generations if handwriting is a dying art? Very scary thought indeed. We cannot have everything in our lives be virtual. They don't make smell-o-vision yet -- so enjoy your time away and stopping to smell the roses. Blessings, Tammy

MrsPeel said...

you write in such wonderful way, that taken together with the most marvelous music that springs from your computer into such a pleasure to come here to read you..

A new culture. And like Annemarie (and many of us) says: a blessing or a curse, depending on who is at the helm,what to use it for or how they use it...

I have met you, and before you I had 3 years with many people I initially met online.
I couldn't do with only the online family....but I don't think I could do without you guys.
With you the most beautiful thing is that you are exactly the person that comes across online.
I cannot say the same for many others I met, though a big chunck of my net friends whom I met then in *real life* are themsleves the same as online and they are, few of them, the most wonderful people in my life.

Enjoy your break,wonderful sister :)

Jan said...

Hi Peggy,
Me, too. Taking a break from blogging. Trying to check in once in a while. I opted out of Facebook, no Twittering for me either. I am not really a computer loving gal. Much rather be writing and allowing nature to feed the muse. But i have met wonderful friends on the web, WOMDERFUL, life-changing friends, so to keep a balance with all this technology is certainly key.

I did completely opt out of TV and that was the best thing I ever did in my entire life (well, besides having me 3 children and re-marrying my now Beloved!) No TV now for 5 years, love it!

zhen said...

Have fun in the real world! As with all addictions, internet ones are BAD too! I can't wait for the day where I don't need to be tempted cos my laptop always has to be around. Really you end up wasting so much smell the roses time...

Living simple with nothing is actually lots of fun...that's what I've been doing the past week...and it was so much more interesting than caging up in the house stuck to the net.

Nina P. said...

Time goes by so quickly in front of a computer screen. It is a way to connect with those that we otherwise could or would not connect with. It opens doors for those that cannot venture out, and sparks the imagination of any that choose to venture in. But it does not possess the Healing power or warmth of the Sun. It cannot replace toe cool breeze across your cheek nor the laughter of birds singing in the trees. It cannot bring the joy of a hand touching yours and fingers intertwined while walking along the beach. Life is meant to live and enjoy fully. I do believe that is also is meant to include the energy and excitement of cyber space... Balance of both worlds is the new challenge. I also, have been finding that balance these past few months. I so get drawn into my inner world, I have to remember to also make time for my outside world as well. Enjoy Life dear soul.... We will await your return. Blessings to you and yours my friend. Love and Light, Nina P

Evil Shannanigans said...

I need to do this too but Im so addicted to Bejewelled :(
Enjoy the real world, let me know how it is!

Ribbon said...

I like a wise person ;)

I've returned after making three weeks away from all that is blogging.
I must admit that I did still use the computer, but in a more restricted way.

A computer for me now is like the telephone... a wonderful tool that I would not choose to be without for any great length of time....
but like a telephone it is great to be without it from time to time.

I look forward to when we next meet as you will return with new eyes.

best wishes
be well
Ribbon :)

Sarah said...

Hi Peggy..thanks for popping by my blog! Thank you for your comment about my post on Renee also..Yup I adore the woman also. So hard to see her going through this. Hugs!

I totally agree with you...I started online to sell my artwork and it just grew from there. This last December I decided I really needed to pare down the time I was online...that I needed to be out in the world I did. I cut it by about half. It is so very easy to be swallowed up by a virtual world. Wonderful post...enjoy your break!

kerrycharacters said...

Just stopping by for a visit to your lovely blog Peggy. What an inspiration you are!

Lilly said...

It's a balance isn't it. Nothing worse than becoming socially disconnected as a result of too much time on the computer. Have fun and that is THE most gorgeous photo of Joseph on the right. What a sweet face.

Nina P. said...

I'm checking in to say Hello and see how life is treating you. Blessings to you and yours. Love and Light, Nina P

Cathy said...

Missing you

I have news I want to share with you :-) hope you are having a lovely time. I really need to do this to. just have to sort photo's on the computer it never ends and takes up too much time.

my 15yrs old daughter Tayla has been saying for a few years now, how quickly the year ends. This strikes me as odd as a child I remember Christmas and birthdays taking forever to come around…after much thought lol we decided that her generation is loosing a lot of time because it’s been stolen from them with computer time. She can sit there for hours playing games, homework…kid shouldn’t be feeling like there years are ticking over quickly. She has asked around her friends and let me know their all feeling the same hmmm

Jannette Britt said...

Nice point! It is human nature to want to belong, and the Internet simply helps us achieve that desire. It keeps us updated on everything so we don’t feel left out. I think the problem starts when we put so much emphasis on wanting to belong even to people we’re not really connected to in real life. It becomes excessive and we forget to interact with people around us.

Jannette Britt