Saturday, 26 September 2009

Music, Poetry, Nature = Beauty

I don't think anyone would argue with the fact that ours is a dizzyingly visual society, or that many of our readily available criteria for beauty are less than skin deep.

Yet, for all that, the need to be in the presence of beauty and to soak it up emotionally is strong in most people. So is the need to be active in the creation of beauty, even if this is achieved in small ways.

To sit in an ugly or neglected room, to look out onto a parched, bleached landscape or to look at ourselves or other people through eyes that are so critical that all intrinsic beauty is lost is to risk feeling significantly emotionally bereft.

Conversely, to take the time needed to do something "beautifully", or to absorb and appreciate someone else's efforts, is invariably uplifting. In fact, when someone is clinically depressed, often one of the first things they lose is the pleasure and sense of participation that comes with appreciating or creating beauty.

But acknowledging how crucial beauty is to our souls and emotions doesn't in itself solve the question of what beauty is or the extent to which our "eyes" and, therefore, judgements are socially conditioned.

Music, poetry and nature in all its many moods are unfailing sources of beauty in my life. I love domestic gestures of beauty also: the trouble a friend takes to arrange spring vegetables on a platter; home-picked flowers; a favourite painting in a new spot. I feel we need such moments on a daily basis.

Beauty of "character" is also priceless.

"I pull you from your tower, take away your pain. Show you all the beauty you possess, if you only let yourself believe.”
Sarah McLachlan Canadian Singer and Songwriter

I visited the Muogamarra Nature Reserve last Sunday and filled my camera with these wonderful images.....nature in all its glory. This is one of the trees I hugged!!!

View from the Reserve overlooking the Hawkesbury River, Cowan, Sydney


McMGrad89 said...

Great photos. I am certainly all for beauty. Don't have it in my yard though. Having skin sensitivities leaves me to rely on others to help beautify my yard. Occasionally I do venture out there and do enjoy the results. I am so glad the cooler autumn weather is here. Maybe I can get out there some soon.

mscherrylane said...

awesome that is one place I've not been! definitely on my "to do list" now...

interesting post...I think I have very different ideas of what "beauty" is compared to those typically around me...I'd agree with you for me nature and music are right up there as well as character...

Christine said...

I have a great appreciation for all things beautiful. Love your topic today.

That tree looks very huggable!

Roban said...

Beauty is all around us, every moment of every day if we just open our eyes and ears and take it all in.

Thanks for reminding me to look and listen! That's a big part of finding JOY, too.

Lovely photos.... That tree you hugged has some personality it seems!

Take care and enjoy the rest of your weekend.


Roban said...

Okay, I just had to mention that the word verification just now was "stess," which is stress without the "r." Which I took to mean stress without "Roban!"

The one now is "unsit," which seems to be telling me that I need to get off my bum and get busy around here!

Renee said...

What a gift our sight is.


Lance said...

Hi Peggy,
Nature for me is especially where I can find the beautiful, so I love your pictures! And the first thing I noticed with the water shot, is how much the water looks like a heart - not sure if that was intended, but I think it fits the whole beauty theme so well.

In the end, beauty for me come from a spot within - and a large part of that is consciously seeing the beauty - not only with my eyes, but also with my heart...

AVT Coach said...

I have a friend here who on a daily basis notices beauty and reflects in daily life appreciation. That person has more friends than most, close family ties, and a postive spiritual life. Hmmmmm.... I am drawn to people who notice. Therefore, I notice. Saturday morning our walk was around a local lake. The sunrise was beautiful over the water. There have been walks when I did not acknowledge that sunrise. There is a difference in the walk and in the day when I do!

The word verification is amanogis....what's that? Noticed :) you had some interesting ones in comments to Roban!:)

Mike Smith said...

Some wonderful images there Peggy.

Debra W said...

I love it when someone else points out the beauty in something that I didn't notice at first. Seeing things through someone else's eyes can sometimes lead us to noticing things that once went unseen. Until last year, I did not notice sea glass. I am sure that I had walked by it on the beach before, but I never really noticed it. Now, I am an avid sea glass collector and I find intrinsic beauty in something that was discarded at sea and returned to us from nature. At 46 years old, I found beauty in something that was new to me.

I love that you hugged that tree, and I loved seeing the pictures of your journey into the park! What a lovely country you live in!


Silver said...

ah..splendid view. Can you take me to hug this tree too if i go visit you one day? haha


TheChicGeek said...

Oh, wow, Peggy, this is such a beautiful post. I, myself, am a person that needs to be in places where I find beauty, whether in nature, or through reading, music, poetry, or beautiful friends like you! You have such a beautiful spirit. I'm so happy to know you!
I can't even believe how beautiful your hike was! You live in an amazing place. I think you are truly blessed!
Hugs to you, Peggy!

miruspeg said...

Thank you my wonderful friends for your compliments and love, you spoil me and I LOVE it!

I also love how each of you add to the conversation. Your input is always insightful and often with humour which delights me. :)

And yes I do feel very blessed living in this amazing country.
Big hugs all round.
Peggy xxxx

Anonymous said...

I thirst for beauty too and you are right that it can be found in simple things - if we open our eyes. There is also a kind of beauty in music. Though not visual, it lifts us up all the same. Music can often move me to tears, but I must tell you about when an actual sighting made me cry. It was in Venice. We took the 'back way' into St Mark's square, so that we ended up turning a corner and there - right there in front of us - was St Mark's cathedral. Well I was just overwhelmed and burst into tears (!) Was it beauty? Was it the great age of the place? I don't know - but they were 'good' tears. Just an outpouring of emotion I guess. Have you ever been moved to tears by seeing something?

Nina P. said...

Music, Poetry, Nature = Beauty What a wonderful equation.

There is beauty everywhere, in everyone in everything. Even when we think we are closed to it, its presence is there. It's a gift. And even on our darkest day, beauty is there nudging us , showing us it cares.

The fragrant breeze that caresses your cheek; that emotional tear escaping to show you're still alive; the note of butterfly wings echoing across the field; the strength of an eagle caressing the skies; the symphony of music found in silence; The poetry of a stream awakening the soul.... Beauty is around us even in the dark, it's that glimpse of Light beaconing us to answer....

Keep hugging Beauty my friend... for in all of it's meaning; It Becomes You. (a hidden part of the equation or maybe it's just a benefit of the equation.)

Music, Poetry, Nature = Beauty ~ You (my keyboard doesn't have the infinity sign or I'd use that)

You, are part of the equation of what equals Beauty. And I Thank You once again, for an inspiring post.

Blessings to you and yours,
Love and Light,

Nina P

miruspeg said...

Stoneweaver - I have seen the beauty of Venice and St Mark's Cathedral and was awe stuck as you were but it did not bring me to tears. What did move me to tears was when I was in Rwanda in 2006 and the orphans we had taught photography to for 5 weeks put on an exhibition of their photos for the whole town. The look on their faces at their achievements made me cry with joy.

miruspeg said...

Nina - Your comment is poetry in motion and music to my ears.
Your writing is so descriptive and warm. You are such a shining light.
Bless you always
Peggy xxxx